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Review: Magneto: Not a Hero #1

Written by TheGeek on Thursday, November 10 2011 and posted in Reviews

TheGeek reviews Magneto: Not a Hero #1!

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

STORY BY Skottie Young
ART BY Clay Mann
COVER BY Clay Mann
PUBLISHER Marvel Comics

Magneto has gone rogue! With all eyes are on the Master of Magnetism, everyone is wondering if Magneto has broken ranks from the X-Men. But what other skeletons is he hiding in his closet? Find out the answers to these questions and more as Regenesis continues in Magneto: Not A Hero #1!


Magneto has been a lot of things: father, mutant leader, freedom fighter... but is he no hero?

That's the idea presented by Magneto: Not a Hero #1, the first issue of the new miniseries by Skottie Young and Clay Mann that puts the Master of Magnetism in a pretty unfavorable spotlight. A gruesome act by Magneto was caught on camera... except that it wasn't really Magneto! Someone is running around posing as him, and Erik Lensherr is not happy. The search for the imposter's identity will send Erik to the depths of his memories and of his past... but is he ready for what he might discover?

To be honest, I've seen Magneto do so many heel turns he's practically spinning in place, and thus his motivations are even murkier than most. That said, it's a nice change of pace to see him deny that he murdered those mutant-hating hippies in cold blood. The Captain America and Iron Man cameos were great, and they played off of each other and Magneto really well. I also love Magneto's displays of power here. Lest we forget that he's the Master of Magnetism, here he goes pointing a couple dozen cars at your head, ready to fly if you piss him off. Fun stuff.

The art reminds me of Stuart Immonen's art seen in the recent Fear Itself, and there are a few similarities. The thick necks and the buff builds, but Clay Mann's style is a bit more refined and detailed here. The way Clay draws Magneto and the rest of the characters here makes you feel that these guys are plenty powerful, and they don't even have to suit up to their costumes to demonstrate!

The book ends with a shocking reveal that's both surprising and unsurprising, because if you know your X-Men lore then the identity of the mystery imposter was a pretty obvious choice... but the very fact that it was puts a whole new layer of mystery to the story that I'm interested in unraveling. It's a plot point that could go anywhere. I like that.

Magneto: Not a Hero #1 is a Regenesis-branded title, so if you want a post-Schism Magneto adventure, this is the place (or book) to be. The first issue is mostly set up, but it's got a nice story with great art... we don't get that too often.

Review by: TheGeek

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