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Ring of Honor on SBG - 11/5/11

Written by syxxpakk on Monday, November 14 2011 and posted in Reviews
Ring of Honor on SBG - 11/5/11

The C&C Wrestling Factory take on Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team in the Proving Ground.  PLUS~!  ROH World Champion Davey Richards finds out who his opponent will be at Final Battle 2011!

  • Shows start with a video package recapping the Kyle O'Reilly/Roderick Strong match from last week and the post-match beatdown that led to Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards fighting off the House of Truth.

  • Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness hype the main event of Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. The C&C Wrestling Factory.

  • Jim Cornette is in the ring to hype the Final Battle main event. He announces Eddie Edwards as the #1 contender to Davey Richards' ROH World Championship. These two had what I consider the Match of the Year back in June. Eddie plays up the match as the rubber match in their trilogy of matches, which Eddie won the first of. Eddie announces that he has a new head trainer, but he won't name names. He says there will be two "wolves" in the ring, but there will only be one "beast." This brings Davey Richards out to say a few things. Davey plays up the good sportsmanship rivalry. He then asks Eddie to team with him against Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin next week, which would be the payoff to last week's main event angle. Logical progression of storylines. Eddie gets a little sassy with Davey, saying that all the "next World champ"-chants from their tag days were about Eddie and not Davey.

  • ROH does a sweet job of shilling the Spartanburg, SC house show.

  • A video recaps Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin from a few weeks ago.

  • Truth Martini and Michael Elgin cut a promo. Truth says that he has to tell the turth, even when it hurts. He brings up Elgin not taking the keys from his brother when his brother got in a wreck that put Elgin in the hospital and the bad words he had for his father before he died. He compares those to letting Roddy Strong down. He tells Elgin to make it up to him by winning tonight. Genuinely good stuff from Truth Martini.

  • Shiloh Jonze cuts a promo about how he wants to be a big star, but unfortunately for him, he's fighting Michael Elgin tonight.

  • Match #1: Michael Elgin w/ Truth Martini & Roderick Strong vs. Shiloh Jonze. Tale of the Tape gives all of the advantages to Michael Elgin. No Code of Honor today from Elgin. This should be an unmitigated squash. And indeed, Elgin brutalizes the poor OVW kid. Jonze actually gets some offense in, but nothing worth bragging about. Pretty sweet spot where Elgin counters a tornado DDT with a powerslam, a la Davey Boy Smith. Elgin finishes Jonze with a Doctor Bomb. Great way to establish Elgin as a monster. This man is probably my favorite new star of ROH in 2011.

  • Inside ROH. This week we get to talk about Kevin Steen~! They briefly recap Cornette's comments on Steen from last week and how Cornette told Steen to sue him. So Steen did. Steen has a group of lawyers, one of whom has a ridiculously bad Kentuckyian accent. Redneck Lawyer lists off the things Cornette is guilty of. One lawyer rubs hands evily. This is horrible. Douchebag lawyer chews gum. Foreign Lawyers eye each other knowingly. Holy shit, this is bad. Steen finally does the talking and says he's doing thing Cornette's way. He goes onto a pretty good rant, and sets the stages for an eventual Steen/Richards showdown. The promo is intercut with reactions from his lawyers. Horrible, horrible reactions. It finally ends. That segment had Cornette's fingers all over it and it was absolutely horrible. Next up Bennett claims he didn't run from Lethal in their match a few weeks ago. He blames the referee for not calling the match when he obviously had Lethal beat, since Lethal wasn't really defending himself. He wants a rematch without Sinclair reffing. Sinclair defends his decision. Lethal gives his input and says that Bennett is out of his mind, because he wasn't losing.

  • A video recaps the Briscoes/All-night Express match from last week, which the Briscoes won to become #1 contenders to Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

  • Jim Cornette explains the Proving Ground concept. It's a non-title match where if a challenger either beats the champion or takes the champion to a time-limit draw, then the challenger gets a title-shot.

  • Main Event: C&C Wrestling Factory vs. Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team – Proving Ground Match. CCWF is Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman. I really dug Cedric when I saw him live in Charlotte at the beginning of the year, but Coleman was merely so-so. Cedric had a very good match with another guy that I would love to see in ROH today, tomorrow, whenever possible. I'm talking about "MANSCOUT" JAKE MANNING~! He'd be brilliant in CHIKARA. WGTT has the advantage in all areas when it comes to the Tale of the Tape. Both teams adhere to the Code of Honor. Benjamin and Coleman go back and forth for a little of that INDY APPLAUSE~!. Benjamin has a lot of history here, so of course he's pretty over. Haas is a giant compared to Coleman. Haas plays Ole Anderson and works Coleman's arm over. Alexander tags in and brings some of his crisp offense. He could be pretty big given time. Blind tag by Benjamin and I'm guessing you can see where this is going. Alexander screws up a spot, but Benjamin plays it off well enough. Alexander becomes the Ricky Morton to Haas and Benjamin's Arn and Ole as they work Alexander's leg. COMMERCIAL BREAK~! Alexander is fighting back when they return, but Benjamin stymies those efforts. WGTT continue the Anderson-esque beatdown. Alexander makes the hot tag following a flying tornado DDT. Coleman puts of whippin' on Benjamin. Together they put Haas on the outside and score a nearfall on Benjamin. Match is down to three minutes left. Haas drags Alexander outside, leaving Coleman to get beatdown. Alexander tries the save, but he gets nailed with the Broken Arrow. Coleman gets planted with a double powerbomb, which Kelly calls "Wrestling's Greatest Finisher," which is completely different than what it was on the first show. WGTT scores the win off of that, at any rate. Both teams shake hands afterward in a show of respect. "REACH FOR THE SKIES BOYS." Here come DEM BOYS. Jay says that at Final Battle WGTT won't be fighting a bunch of greenhorns like the CCWF.

  • Kelly hypes next week's main event to end the show.

  • The angle with Steen took an abysmal turn this week.  It might have been a good idea in theory, but the execution was absolutely horrible.  The rest of the show was the normal really good stuff, with the tag match main event being especially good.  I'd like to see a lot more of the C&C Wrestling Factory on ROH TV.  Until next time, here's your .GIF of the Week:

Written or Contributed by: syxxpakk

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