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Starlord: Top to Bottom for 11/9/11

Written by Isaac Yañez on Monday, November 14 2011 and posted in Reviews
ST2BHere we go again folks! Another week for some great books. Loved my selection this week and if any of you got these seven books too, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

1. Batman and Robin #3batman-robin3

Peter Tomasi has done something that not many comic writers are able to pull off. He has kept the top notch quality that Grant Morrison gave us on this title while putting his own personal stamp on it as well. Now that Bruce Wayne is back and trying to build a relationship with his flesh and blood son, Damien Wayne, the dynamics of this title changes quite a bit. Mr. Tomasi is proving that he is up to the task as he keeps the stories slightly off center of normal, as was the last volume, but is able to include the personal character growth that I sometimes feel is lacking in Mr. Morrison's style. I'm also a big fan of writers who can bring Alfred into the story and Peter is doing that to great effect as he weaves the character of Mr. Pennyworth through the shadows of the backdrop, always watching... brooding with concern over both his surrogate son and the possible heir to the throne. This is damn good comic book reading. My Score: A

2. Uncanny X-Force #17uncannyxforce17

It fascinates me how many "Dark" characters have come through the X-books since the first and greatest did it. Some have been hit and some miss, but the story of Dark Angel will defiantly fall into the positive category. The transformation that original X-Man Warren Worthington III has gone through has lived up to the word – dark. Story and art blend to near perfection on every page. If I have only one small complaint it would be that this story was dangerously close to being dragged out for too long. But that would be a very tiny complaint. My Score: A-

3. Batwoman #3batwoman3

Please buy this book, you will not be disappointed. Some of the most magnificent art in the last twenty years is worth the money alone. This character has gone a hell of a long way from her beginning days as the stupidly nick-named "Lipstick Lesbian". The supporting staff is rapidly becoming some of my new favorite characters and the father/daughter story is riveting in its simplicity. And did I mention the art? DAMN beautiful art! My Score: A-

4. Green Lantern #3greenlantern3

Say what you want about Geoff Johns but that man has made Green Lantern the most interesting book it's been since the early nineteen-eighties. Not every story has been home-runs, but Sinestro once again becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps could well be a certifiable hit. Geoff has always gotten the relationship between Hal and his arch-enemy right so once again pairing them together by using the rich history that has been created in the last ten years is already making for some classic dialogue between the two. Doug Mahnke's art is always easy on the eyes and I'd love to have a piece of his Green Lantern art hanging in my man-cave. My Score: B+

5. Wolverine #18wolverine18

First of all let me state that this book could easily have been in any one of the first three spots. When a comic is this much fun in both art and story it's easy to overlook just how perfect it really is. I'm not a huge fan of the more way out stories like dragons for a character like Wolverine, but Aaron is such a terrific writer on this book that I can't help but get drawn in. My Score: B+

6. Battle Scars #1battlescars1

I knew nothing about this book when I bought it. I rarely look at previews because of possible spoilers so sometimes when I see a title I know nothing about, I grab it on impulse. This is one of those books and this time around I'm glad I picked it up. I'm still not sure what is going on here, nor am I sure if this is a new character or someone that was introduced elsewhere during Fear Itself, but either way I found the first chapter of this origin story to be worth the read. My Score: B

7. Suicide Squad #3suicidesquad3

It's not the squad I grew up with, nor the squad that came after that squad that I grew up with, but it's a squad with both Deadshot and Harley Quinn; and that's a squad I'll keep buying for a little while longer. My Score: B-


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