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Ring of Honor on SBG - 11/12/11

Written by syxxpakk on Friday, November 18 2011 and posted in Reviews
Ring of Honor on SBG - 11/12/11

After weeks of build, the conflict between the House of Truth and the American Wolves comes to a head!  PLUS, Inside ROH takes a look at the history of KEVIN STEEN~!

  • This week kicks off with a recap of Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. The C&C Wrestling Factory from last week and the Briscoes-promo afterward. Hopefully, the CCWF will get another look in the future. The music they use for these segments is perfect.

  • This is the last episode of the second taping from Louisville.

  • Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness talk about the main event: The American Wolves (who will clash at Final Battle) vs. The House of Truth, which has been building for weeks.

  • Match #1: The Bravado Brothers vs. The Young Bucks. The Bravados are pair of my faves. The Young Bucks are, of course, awesome. They're playing the heel role they do oh-so-well. In particular, they refuse to shake hands playing off the whole controversy they had with Booker T and Rob Van Dam. Bucks have experience, but the Bravados have the size per the Tale of the Tape. Kelly informs us that Harlam Bravado was once voted "Sixth Man of the Year" in high school. Epic stuff, that. This is going to be one of those awkward heel vs. heel matches. The Bucks beat up on the Lance, who gets to be YOUR... Heel-in-peril? The Bucks have some very stylish offense and they show it off, making this match very much nothing more than a chance to showcase them on TV. Lance finally gets the warm tag to Harlam who runs wild over the Bucks. He gets a near-fall on Matt. He flips onto the Bucks on the outside and the crowd FINALLY gets into it. They hit a wicked double-team variation on the 3D but it only gets two. Well, this started off as a showcase for the Bucks – but the Bravados definitely get their chance to shine with some great tag action. The Bucks finally manage to nail More Bang For Your Buck on Lance to get the win. Started out a little shaky but grew into some really great stuff! Afterward, the Bucks snub the Bravados on handshakes. Par for the course.

  • Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team come down to the ring for a promo with Kevin Kelly. Haas is still a little unhappy about the Briscoes assaulting them with a chair. Benjamin then says none of that matters. Poor choice of words Benjy. The All-night Express interrupt the festivities to give their opinions on current events. Kenny is not keen on the love-affair between WGTT and the Briscoes. Kenny is blowing both members of WGTT out of ring when it comes to tonight's promos. Kenny says that WGTT seem to have forgotten about ANX. Well, to be fair, ANX failed to beat the Briscoes to get title-shot. Kenny gets a clever line in about how how Benjamin and Haas are now known as Donald and Daffy, because they're ducks. Good little segment.

  • Inside ROH. Kevin Steen-featurette. It recaps the history of 2010's greatest feud, the war between Kevin Steen and El Generico. For my money, this still remains one of the top five wrestling feuds of all time. After stealing the mask from Generico at Glory by Honor IX, Steen put his career up against Generico's mask at Final Battle 2010 – which was easily either the best match or the second best match of last year. Steen of course lost, which is why he hasn't worked for a year. They also evaluate Corino's path toward redemption following Steen's departure. Corino brings Steen back to ROH at Best in the World, but then Steen turns on Corino to massive heel-heat. They show the whole chaotic scene from Best in the World. Steen of course showed up at Death Before Dishonor IX and almosted Package Piledrove Cary Steen. Hell of a feature which perfectly explained the storyline. Next up, Jay Lethal has complaints about Mike Bennett continuing to complain about how he should have won their match from a couple of weeks ago. Lethal says Bennett can definitely have a rematch and he'll definitely get it. Bennett says he'll give Lethal a rematch, but without Todd Sinclair refereeing. They'll probably lock up at Final Battle.

  • Kevin Kelly starts to talk about the House of Truth/American Wolves-drama, but Steve Corino interrupts him. He does his "I'm an evil person."-schtick, which is just brilliant stuff. Corino says both he and Cornette have a problem and he only wants five minutes to talk to Cornette about a solution.

  • A video package recaps the aforementioned House of Truth/American Wolves-drama.

  • Main Event: The American Wolves vs. The House of Truth (w/ Truth Martini). So basically since the third episode, this issue has been brewing and tonight we're getting some payoff. See how that works? You initiate a situation or a dispute, you draw it out, and then you pay it off. Get it, TNA? Anyway. Thanks to Michael Elgin, the House of Truth have the size advantage. The American Wolves have the experience, though. They brawl to start. The HoT work Eddie over briefly, but Richards tags in and lights Elgin up with some kicks. Elgin catches a Richards in air for an Argentine Backbreaker. Roddy and Elgin work Davey over. Eddie makes a blind tag and the Wolves dive onto the House of Truth on the outside. Eddie chops the hell out of Roddy in the corner. Eddie ends up in the wrong corner and gets back suplexed on the ring apron, which leads us to the commercial break. Eddie is getting worked over when we return. Eddie mounts a great comeback, hitting a Codebreaker-like move on both Elgin and Roddy to set up the hot tag to Davey. Davey gets into some fisticuffs with Elgin and then starts beating up Roddy. They go through some of the big moves and Elgin ends up in the Ankle Lock. He gets out of it. A German suplex by Davey Richard gets two. Eddie gets pushed off the turnbuckle into the barricade by Roddy. Now Davey gets worked over by the House of Truth. Crowd starts chanting "This is awesome!" Elgin and Roddy hit an awesome double-team chop/slam-move. Eddie makes the save for the pin attempt. Elgin, beast that he is, hits a fallaway slam/Samoan drop combo on Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. One year from now, people will be chanting "Next World Champ!" at Michael Elgin (assuming he isn't already the World Champ). The teams trade strikes in the ring. Elgin gets nailed with the double-team Alarm Clock. The Wolves hit a couple of double-stomps on Elgin but Roddy saves Elgin from the pin. Elgin gets brutalized by a series of strikes from both Richards and Edwards. He gets locked in the Ankle Lock again, but rolls out of it. Richards and Elgin are getting gassed here. Elgin actually pins Richards, but Sinclair is distracted by ruth. Edwards locks Elgin in a Dragon Sleeper of all moves. Nigel theorizes he was tought that by his new trainer. Elgin is out long enough for Richards to cover and get the pin-fall win. Nigel and Kevin put over the idea of the move being something Edwards has never used before. Richards is confused about what happened. Of course, we know now that Dan Severn is the trainer so Eddie using that makes perfect sense.

  • Overall, this was a pretty good episode. The build to Final Battle has been really good and this was no exception. Glad to see some payoff to the running storyline in the show between the House of Truth and the American Wolves. Next week begins the new episodes from the final set of tapings prior Final Battle, so the road to the iPPV will be really underway. Can't wait! Until then, here's your .GIF of the Week:


Written or Contributed by: syxxpakk

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