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Ring of Honor on SBG - 11/19/11

Written by syxxpakk on Tuesday, November 22 2011 and posted in Reviews
Ring of Honor on SBG - 11/19/11

Team Richards EXPLODES~! as Davey Richards faces off with his protege, Kyle O'Reilly!  PLUS: the build to Final Battle 2011 continues!

  • Show starts off with a video recap of the highly enjoyable tag team main event from last week, where the American Wolves (Eddie Edwards/Davey Richards) bested the House of Truth (Michael Elgin/Roderick Strong) thanks to Edwards putting Elgin to sleep with a Dragon Sleeper (a new move he added to his arsenal thanks to his new trainer).

  • This is the first episode of the third set of tapings. The fans are raucus this evening. Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness talk about the main event from last week. Nigel puts over the main event, which is Davey Richards vs. Kyle O'Reilly in a battle of team richards.

  • Mike Mondo does one his silly promos where he pretends he's a big guy.

  • Match #1: Alex Silva vs. Mike Mondo. I think I accidentally turned on Ohio Valley Wrestling? Mike Mondo is formerly of the Spirit Squad, so, yeah. They do some back and forth stuff to get the crowd into it, so there's that at least. Mondo cheapshots Silva and that should be the beginning of a lengthy heat-segment. This match is playing out more like a match you would see on WWE TV, which isn't a bad thing, but it's just not what you've come to expect from ROH. Silva makes his comeback, but it seems rushed. More back and forth stuff. Mondo finishes Silva with a double-arm DDT. It wasn't actively horrible or anything, just bland. But Mondo's a Cornette-guy, so...

  • Jim Cornette talks about the Kevin Steen-lawsuit. He says he'll make an official response next week, but today he's going to give his personal response. He denies a bunch of things. Well, that was certainly underwhelming. It seemed like he was about to kick it up to the next gear, but he never did.

  • Jay Lethal doesn't care for Mike Bennett's attempts to finagle another title-shot out of him. Lethal thinks Generico deserves a title-shot before Bennett, so Generico gets a title-shot next week.

  • Match #2: Jamin Olivencia vs. Mike Bennett (w/ 'Brutal' Bob Evans). Bennett claims he is the ROH Television champion and decides to make this match a title-match. Bob Evans tells Kelly to make sure to tell the people it's a title-match. Still in OVW, I see. Olivencia has a firey start, so that's good. Bennett slows the action down with a spinebuster. Bennett has actually developed into a fairly competent worker. He'd fit in better in FCW, no doubt, but I'm liking this match. Olivencia hits a really cool spinning lariat. Nigel shoehorns in the new catchphrase, "We're not sports entertainment, we're an entertaining sport." Bennett wins via the Box-Office Smash. I think he should use a submission as his finish. This match was surprisingly fun. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Olivencia.

  • Inside ROH. So Eddie Edwards' new trainer is Dan 'The Beast' Severn. Davey seems a little hurt that Eddie is working with Severn, for some reason. Davey had the idea to train with Severn and that he was going to do it, but Eddie snuck in on getting the training when Davey went to Japan. Shady tactics, Edwards! Next up, the All-night Express, ahem, express their displeasure over not getting the respect they feel they deserve from the Briscoes and Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team. The Briscoes cut a promo which is, of course, amazing. I think Mark calls them Cedric and Shaniqua. The Briscoes challenge the C&C Wrestling Factory to a match next week, so they can beat them quicker than WGTT. The Briscoes are the best promos right now. Caprice Coleman gives a retort. He quotes the Bible. Pretty decent effort from them, as well. As far as the Briscoes go, you must see this video:

  • Main Event: Kyle O'Reilly w/ Tony Kozina vs. Davey Richards [c] – Non-title Match. This SHOULD be a Proving Ground match, but it's not announced as such. Two tapings in and Cornette has already messed up his new baby. Davey Richards has his IWGP title with him. Davey makes Tony hold his belt. I guess Tony is his bitch. Davey says this match isn't about championships, but competition. O'Reilly looks a bit silly with the mouthguard. BUT WAIT~! Truth Martini is here! Commerical break. Tale of the Tape gives O'Reilly the size advantage, but Davey has the experience. Truth is on commentary. They trade strikes to start, with Davey getting the advantage. Then they trade MOVEZ~! with O'Reilly getting the advantage. Truth updates that, so far, no one has been worthy of participating in Roderick's Open Invitational Challenge for Final Battle. More chain-wrestling and Davey finally gets fed and kicks O'Reilly in the face. O'Reilly fights back though. This match is very even with tons of back-and-forth, so far. O'Reilly gets caught up on the turnbuckle, which allows Davey to hit him with a stiff flying knee strike. This allows Davey to seize control and maul O'Reilly like a bear, but O'Reilly fights back only to get kicked in the head. Commercial break. They're trading strikes again when we return. The idea of the match is that it's as close to UFC as you're going to get in wrestling, but Kelly and Nigel are busier talking to Truth than putting over the unique style of the fight. O'Reilly beautifully counters the Alarm Clock with a Regal Suplex. "This is Awesome!"-chant from the crowd. They both hit big moves on the outside an then take it inside for the gratuitous exhange of BIG MOVEZ~! Davey counters a guillotine with an Ankle Lock, but O'Reilly locks in an Ankle Lock of his own. Davey counters that with the grapevine Ankle Lock and Tony throws in the towel. Huh. O'Reilly didn't seem to be near tapping out. The match was pretty good, but I'm not sure about that finish. Truth makes his way into the ring to give Davey some expert intervention in life. Well someone's got to get beaten up, so that's Truth, Davey and O'Reilly double-team Truth to end the show.

  • Mixed bag this week. Some good stuff, some not-so-good stuff. Miles better than RAW, but I would probably have to rate Smackdown! and FCW over it. Not a horrible show, mind you, just not the best we've seen. Until next week, here's your .GIF of the Week:


Written or Contributed by: syxxpakk

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