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Review: Daredevil #6

Written by TheGeek on Thursday, December 01 2011 and posted in Reviews

Daredevil is in the hottest seat of his life! Find out more in TheGeek's review of Daredevil #6!

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THE MOST CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED NEW SERIES OF THE YEAR CONTINUES! Matt Murdock relives some of his late father's worst nightmares as Daredevil meets Bruiser, a fighter who can't be put down and won't fall! How will Matt survive--and how will doing so make him the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe?


Daredevil has been in the wringer before (quite an understatement actually), but trust me when I say you've never seen him as screwed as in Daredevil #6. It's not enough that he's got superstrong baddy Bruiser aching to break him in two, he's also got to contend with five rival criminal organizations (including AIM and HYDRA!) all wanting to keep a secret so dangerous it could start a war that will scorch the earth!

And that's exactly why this issue is damn good.

Series writer Mark Waid spins an interesting web of intrigue in this ish, the kind that gets people like SHIELD all shaken up. What last issue described as a simple smuggling scheme has turned into a full-on conspiracy involving the biggest Marvel criminal organizations you know. It's a scary thought, considering these faceless entities have been de-fanged as of late; but Waid is building this up into something big, and I love it.

The conspiracy in question involves one thing: information. Knowledge is power, and when you've got criminal organizations (reluctantly) sharing it, that's when things gets hairy. In the end Waid pulls off a ballsy gambit, though it remains to be seen exactly just what kind of information the major players and DD himself are playing for. It's a mystery for another issue, but the gravity of the situation makes the next issue and all the issues after that worth waiting for.

But if you're here for the punching, there's no shortage. The Bruiser/DD fight is brutal, and props must be given to Marcos Martin for nailing it here and every single issue he's been in since. His style isn't as flashy as Paolo Rivera's, but Martin's no slouch. The art is just as exciting and easy to follow, and Muntsa Vicente's vibrant colors make everything pop. Daredevil is blessed to have art teams this kick-ass every issue!

If this hasn't hooked you into Daredevil yet, there's no hope for you. For this Daredevil neophyte, this is an exciting development, and it says something about the book as a whole when I'm more scared for Daredevil than he is for himself.

Review by: TheGeek

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