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Advance Review: Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #1

Written by Oogy on Tuesday, December 13 2011 and posted in Reviews

An advance review of Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #1!

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

The name's Cross. Jahan Cross. Move over, James Bond; there's a new secret agent in the galaxy, and he has the weight of the Empire behind him!

Cross's mission takes him and his assistant IN-GA 44 to the affluent Corporate Sector. There, on the trail of stolen droid technology, they will rub elbows with diplomats and desperadoes, captains of industry and sergeants of the local police--and rub most of them the wrong way!

* A view of the Star Wars galaxy from inside the Empire!

* The author of the best-selling Star Wars: Legacy and Star Wars: Republic returns!

Writer:John Ostrander
Penciller:Stephane Roux
Inker:Julien Hugonnard-Bert
Cover Artist:Stephane Roux


Imperial power is at its height. With Palpatine on the
throne and his chief enforcer, Darth Vader, leading
fleets of Star Destroyers and legions of stormtroopers
across the galaxy, the Empire is an unstoppable force
for order and peace.

But not every political problem requires military might;
not every negotiation depends on a show of force.
Sometimes all diplomacy needs to succeed is the right
man, in the right place, with the willingness to get the
job done. No matter what it takes.

Meet Jahan Cross, agent of the Empire . . .

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire is Dark Horse's latest mini-series set in the expanded Star Wars Universe. It stars Jahan Cross, part-time "Special Envoy from the Diplomatic Service," full-time Imperial Intel. He's the James Bond of the Star Wars galaxy if James Bond had a shiny fem-Droid helping him along the way.

I have been a fan of the original Star Wars films since I was a kid and have just recently began exploring the non-theatrical sides of the Universe through novels and comics. So far I have found that the stories that revolve around characters who aren't trained in the use of the Force are more enjoyable, even more so when the story is told from the viewpoint of the Empire - and this is both.

Spoilers Ahead! 

The story opens with Jahan finishing up a mission for the Empire that doesn't quite go the way his superior intended, but a success nonetheless in Jahan's mind. After a quick history lesson and an agreement that his mission isn't quite yet finished we get to look behind the spy at the people who design his toys, starting with the creator of his Droid: an alien working for the Empire who later gives us a glimpse of the attitude most Imperials have towards non-humans. We also get to see the weapons testing lab and witness that not everything works as well as it's meant to.

Days later, Jahan lands in a spaceport with no Imperial liaison to meet him. He runs into an old friend, whose face will be familiar to fans of the franchise, who is having a bit of trouble with some of the locals. After helping his pal out twice, first with the mob and then again by using his diplomatic immunity to handle the authorities, his appointed liaison finally arrives and Jahan leaves his friend to go back to his business with a favor owed, thus ending the issue.

Spoilers Ended!

I'm not that well-versed in Expanded Star Wars Universe, but this issue has plenty of information for even those who aren't familiar with anything beyond the original films. John Ostrander has been writing Star Wars tales for Dark Horse for quite some time and he seems more than comfortable weaving this tale. It's the little things he does in this that really make me happy, like the way Jahan refers to his Droid partner Igna as "it", and how the Imperials in the weapons lab snark about having an alien working in the palace. The art by Stéphane Roux and Julien Hugonnard-Bert was fantastic and the colors by Wes Dzioba helped set the right moods for each scene. The story is intriguing with action that is fun and clear to tell what is happening. I liked this issue a lot and look forward to the other four issues in this five-part story.

Review by: Oogy

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