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Alpha Girl #1 Review

Written by GLX on Saturday, January 14 2012 and posted in Reviews

GLX takes an advance look at Alpha Girl #1.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Co-Creator - Jean-Paul Bonjour
Co-Creator/ Writer - Jeff Roening
Penciller - Robert Love
Inker - Dana Shukartsi
Colorist - Diego Simone

It's 1984, and Judith is your typical 17 year old. She chain smokes, cuts class, sells her tampons to perverts, and she just might be the last sane woman left on the planet. When a third-rate cosmetics company creates a pheromone that turns women into crazed man-eaters, the world dives into chaos. Judith must break her little brother out of juvie, all the while dodging rabid women and the men who hunt them. Already a proven survivor, she picks up some interesting strays along the way and kicks some serious zombie ass! Judith is Alpha Girl!


While zombies aren't legion in number in the real world (yet), they're very much present in the comic industry. Alpha Girl #1 is yet another comic about a world plagued by zombies. It may be a horror/ comedy title, but it fails to frighten or to humor.

Judging by the first 5 pages alone, it's pretty obvious that this comic is a piece of work. The first page is just a lead-in page with the series' main character (Judith Meyers) lighting up a cigarette in an abandoned diner, while she begins to narrate the comic's events. That's followed by a page which depicts other ways in which the world could've gone to hell. The problem with the page is that it's highly unnecessary.

Here's Judith's narration from page 1 to the first caption of page 3:

Page 1

Judith: My name is Judith Meyers. Well, I would love to tell you that the world ends due to some beautiful cosmic event.

Page 2

Judith: A meteor strike...volcanoes....atomic armageddon....

Page 3 (first caption)

Judith: But it doesn't. It ends because of a couple of assholes at a third rate cosmetics company.

The narration from page 1 could've easily transitioned directly to page 3. Instead of doing that, Jeff Roening expands on Judith's last line on page 1. It does nothing to advance the plot and to show more insight into the characters within the comic. Pages 3-5 show zombie women attacking men, which isn't bad on its own. What makes these pages bad are the lines of dialogue that the guys are given. There's nothing funny, horrific or flat-out plausible about a man asking a topless zombie "How you doin'?" or a punk with a mohawk yelling "Oi vey! These shiksas are all meshuga!"

Another problem I have with the characters is that they're unlikable. Judith and her brother may have had a rough life, but Roening fails to bring out much sympathy for them. They're just characters that just feels like cogs in the comic's machine instead of characters. The people at the cosmetics company responsible for the zombie outbreak don't draw much of an emotional response, either. They're jerks, but the way that they're handled leaves the reader numb to the characters.

The art is easily the best part of the comic, but that's not saying much. It fits the script nicely with an expressive, somewhat cartoonish style. That being said, the art is just average. It's nothing terrible, but it's nothing great.

Alpha Girl #1 isn't worth anyone's time and money. It's a very poor comic that lacks the potential for better stories. There are great, independent comics that are worthing seeking out; Alpha Girl #1 isn't one of those comics.

3* out of 10*

Review by: GLX

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