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Review: Kick-Ass #7

Written by Dan Buckley on Friday, March 23 2012 and posted in Reviews

A review of the final issue of Kick-Ass 2!

Comic Review Cover

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Orig. Published:  March 21, 2012
Format: Comic 

The Story: The brutal extra-sized finale of the best comic ever!

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl square off against the Motherf*cker and Mother Russia!

Can they put a stop to the rampaging Toxic Mega C*nts?


Kick Ass 2 Review

Why isn't there more of a following for these books?

The story of Kick Ass is the tale of Dave, aka the-not-really-super super hero Kick Ass, a normal kid and avid comic book fan who wonders why people who want to do good in the world don't just don a costume and do so themselves. What would normally seem like a comical premise has instead created a dark, provocative, and intelligent plot with memorable characters and great, well-paced development of both.

Taking a look at the cover, we see just what this comic is getting us ready for- a giant battle between the forces of good and evil, with the leaders of each faction facing off in the foreground. Perhaps its most ingenious art is of the leads themselves. We see both Kick Ass and Red Mist locked in a struggle, and it is here that we not only see the physical toll that their war has taken on each other, but also the emotional one. Despite not seeing most of Kick Ass' face, there is an echo of their war and what it has done to these two men who are barely old enough to be out of high school. They are opposite sides of the same coin, thereby intensifying their ongoing rivalry.

As for the story itself, we are treated to the culmination of the arc that has revitalized this underrated franchise. After a few panels of derogatory name calling between the two, the battle finally begins. The many minions clash with one another as the battle carries to Hit Girl and Mother Russia, whose rivalry is as palpable as any other found in comic books today. The cover is "dedicated to street fighting" and this is just that. There isn't any sophisticated choreography with a slew of flips and somersaults. There isn't some kind of bullet-time photography or close-ups that make distinguishing characters completely impossible. There are simply two talented and accomplished fighters beating the holy hell out of each other in a manner befitting the series.

The dialogue between the characters is realistic; there aren't any over-the-top mannerisms, nor any ongoing diatribes, nor meaningless monologues and soliloquies. When one person is angry at another, they use vernacular that would be typical of people in their age group. It is rather refreshing to come upon blasé, thoughtless profanity in a comic. Think about it- with his prestige, you would never expect Captain America to be locked in a power struggle with the Red Skull, only to kick him in the balls and call him a "shit waffle." That doesn't hold true for Kick Ass, and the comic is all the better for it.

The characters are easy to get behind and to relate to; they're not relentless super heroes attempting to save the world, nor diabolical villains bent on acquiring an ultimate power. They're a group of kids and close-knit associates fighting for what they believe in versus a twisted kid who is striking against the people who he feels hurt him the most. They are flawed, passionate people fighting for their respective needs and belief. Whether it's Marty and Todd's disillusionment of how different their actions are from comics they grew up with, Hit-Girl being pursued by the cops for her brand of vigilante justice, or even Red Mist seeking revenge against the man responsible for the death of his father, each character is sympathetic in his or her own way.

This is a very well-written and well-drawn comic. Although this definitely not the place get started on the series, due to many references and the lack of a back story, it is a great climax that gets the fans ready for the third and final installment. This comic would be recommended to anyone who is mature enough for the graphic language and violence found within.

Writing – 22/25
Art – 19 / 25
Accessibility – 18/25
Enjoyability – 22/25

Overall – 81/100

Review by: Dan Buckley

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