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Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Heir Apparent

Written by Christian Hoffer on Tuesday, April 03 2012 and posted in Reviews

A review and some analysis of the latest Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode

Unlike the past few episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which focused largely on the relationship between the four main characters, Heir Apparent is a simple "one and done" story that centers on action and plot than characterization.

The Plot

A take on the opening arc of the first volume of the Green Lanterns Corps ongoing series, this episode features Hal and Kilowag searching for Green Lanterns to join them in their quest to take down the Red Lantern Corps. Arriving at the planet of Betrassus, Hal and Kilowag are immediately caught up in local politics involving the newly crowned queen, Iolande. After Hal briefly flirts with very single Iolande, the Green Lanterns learn that Betrassus tradition allows the planet's greatest warrior to claim the queen's hand in marriage and the throne when an unmarried queen is crowned. Kothak, the head of the military, plans to take advantage of the tradition, forcing the planet's local Green Lantern, an old warrior named Dulac, to step in and challenge Kothak's claim. Hal and Kilowag also meet Ragnar, Iolande's younger brother and ardent supporter of the Green Lantern Corps.

That night, Dulac offers to join Hal and Kilowag after he defeats Kothak. Ragnar, meanwhile, asks Hal how he became a Green Lantern, prompting Hal to explain that he just happen to be nearby when the Green Lantern from his sector died. The next day, Dulac fails to show up at the challenge, forcing Hal to step in and challenge Kothak himself.

While Hal learns how to fly a floating hoverbikes and impress Iolande with his suave and debonair charm, Razer and Aya discover that Dulac is dead, showing no signs of a struggle. Kilowag also notices that Ragnar did not count Dulac among the living when discussing the Green Lantern Corps. Hal then narrowly escapes his hoverbike exploding, leading him to suspect that someone might be targeting Green Lanterns.

At the challenge, Hal and Kothak briefly face off before Kilowag keels over, the victim of an apparent poisoning. Kilowag's ring floats over to Ragnar, who reveals that he's been killing off the Green Lanterns in order to gain a ring of his own.   After threatening Hal, Ragnar's ring dissipates, as Kilowag reveals that he had faked his death in order to coerce Ragnar into confessing.  

After being confronted, Ragna takes Iolande captive and flees, assisted by some guards he had bribed. While Hal, Kilowag and Kothak all give chase, it is Iolande who brings her brother down after Hal guesses that Dulac's ring had chosen her as his successor. Ragnar is imprisoned and Iolande declines Hal's invitation to join him due her obligations as monarch, but not before giving Hal a kiss.

My Thoughts

All in all, a pretty well-done episode. I like that this show isn't afraid to rack up a body count and had no issues showing a dead body. While Kothak immediately switching to the side of good was abrupt, I guess it made sense as he wasn't necessarily an evil character, just an ambitious one. I'm also glad that the show seems to be moving past establishing where the characters stand with one another. I don't need two episodes to establish that Razer and Kilowag begrudgingly respect one another or that Hal has a thing for hitting on disembodied female voices.

Ties to the Comics

Iolande – In the comics, Iolande's origin story is remarkably similar. While Betrassus is not located on the fringe of the galaxy but in sector 1417, Sinestro's home sector, her brother Ragnar does attempt to gain a ring through murderous means, only to see it wind up in Iolande's hands shortly before he is executed. Iolande is largely a background character in the comics, serving as Soranik Natu's partner and participating in many of the major Green Lantern events.

Dangling Plot Points

This episode confirms that Hal really will hit on anything that moves, be it mechanical, alien or otherwise. Between schmoozing Aya with a line about how quickly she gets ready to romancing Iolande with a compliment about her name, Hal Jordan is quickly becoming the dog of the Frontier Planets.

Also, is it just me or are the writer's building an Aya/Razer romantic angle? Aya makes a couple of remarks to Razer that came off as pretty flirty. Aya really should not take pointers from Hal on how to interact with humans.

Next Episode

Saint Walker shows up!

Written or Contributed by: Christian Hoffer

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