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Ultimate Spider-Man 1.03: Doomed

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, April 10 2012 and posted in Reviews

Now that Spidey and his team of young superheroes are assembled, they get to face their first real challenge in Doctor Doom. Wait, it's the series finale already?

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This was my first viewing of the show. I haven't seen the first or second episodes yet. So take into mind that this is me going in with a completely fresh look on this show, hence my reactions. My first thought is who gave Spider-Man such a sugar rush? I know he's a talker, but this show makes him look like Deadpool with the time outs and almost captions on who is who. They should rename the show, the "Hyper-Active Spider-Man" because "ultimate" he is not. As one character even puts it in this episode, "You're all not right in the head." I fully agree. This Peter Parker is way different than the ones we're used to seeing. Honestly, while it leaves an impression, it just isn't a good one for me. The writers should really tone him down just a tiny bit. I get they're trying to bring a more goofy, kid-friendly, non-teenage angst Spidey to the table, but it feels like they're hitting us over the head with it too much.


Speaking of the cutaway gags, this feels like the superhero equivalent to Family Guy. Yeah, those sorts of jokes fly well because well it's a comedy show. Here it just sticks out and interrupts the flow of the fight for me. And that's my main problem with the show. It's juggling way too much and not taking a slow pace. The jokes fall flat because they don't register the first as we're hit with the next. Although there are also parts of this show that remind me of Scott Pilgrim. However, it works for Scott Pilgrim because it's a parody and homage. Here it just feels kind of wrong seeing Peter Parker pull a Pilgrim and more feel like Deadpool.

Plus what's up with calling the show Ultimate Spider-Man, when there are few Ultimate cues taken? Doom didn't act like his Ultimate counterpart, but then again maybe that's a good thing (goat hooved legs). Still, if you're calling it Ultimate shouldn't they be sticking with that category instead of deviating?


I can't help but do this, but given that this is the third Doctor Doom episode Marvel Animation has given us, I have to compare Dooms. Doctor Doom in this show is alright, but compared to Avengers last week and Iron Man: Armored Adventures earlier this past year, this Doom felt lacking just a tiny bit. The design and writing were both spot on, but the voice... While I've enjoyed Maurice LaMarche's past vocal performances, his voice just feels a bit out of place and not befitting the character. There isn't much of a sinister tone, but more on the melodramatic side. I probably put him below the previous actors who've played Doom this year who balanced and got the character. Again, I didn't hate it fully, but they could have done better.

I've shown a lot of hate toward this show. Is there anything I really enjoyed? As I've said before, the writing is sharp. It just blows by too quickly and we're hit with something else to notice the joke. The other thing I enjoyed is the animation. It puts a lot of the previous Spider-Man animated endeavors to shame. The details and fluidity in action is quite well done. It's just that you don't get much time to enjoy the animation due to these quick away gags. Also the characters around Spidey aren't bad: Coulsen and White Tiger being my favorites.


I know I'm not the target audience for Ultimate Spider-Man, but the thing is other comic book animated products like Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Young Justice, and even Spectacular Spider-Man show before this one all knew how to balance the comedy with the action. This show so far just feels too juggling with too many jokes being thrown at us to make the show seem hip and with it. If they mellowed just a tiny bit (perferably on Spider-Man) this show really could be something.

2 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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