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Gleeview - Dance With Somebody

Written by Erik Galston on Thursday, April 26 2012 and posted in Reviews

With only 6 episodes before the season finale, Glee starts the countdown to graduation with the Whitney Houston tribute "Dance With Somebody."  The Outhouse's resident Gleek, Erik Galston checks the episode out.

Unlike previous tribute episodes where the artist's music was the important part of the episode, this episode's music selections were not the focus. Yes every musical number was a classic Houston song, but the songs they chose fit what each character was going through.

The episode started with Mercedes, Rachel, Santana and Kurt honoring Whitney with a beautiful a cappella rendition of "How Will I Know." Will sees how much emotion and feeling the kids put into the song, and he goes to Emma to try to make sense of why they are still having a difficult time with Whitney Houston's death two months after the fact. Emma brings up how she had used Princess Diana's death to deal with her emotions about graduating high school. Emma believes the kids are using Houston's death to deal with their own worries and fears about graduating.

Will decides that the theme for the week will be Whitney – not just celebrating her body of work, but using her songs to express how they feel about graduation and moving forward in life. Planning to use Whitney both for the assignment and his NYADA audition, Kurt asks Blaine to go with him to look at sheet music, but Blaine turns him down. While at the music store, Kurt meets Chandler, a gay guy who goes to school at North Lima. Kurt learns he's also planning to go to New York. After a brief exchange, where Chandler compliments Kurt numerous times, Kurt gives Chandler his phone number, hoping to be friends.

Brittany starts the week off with "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Throughout the song, Quinn, still in her wheelchair, is visibly upset when Brittany starts to pull everyone up to dance. After the song, Brittany tells Quinn that she's still "dancing in her dreams, "And she could "fly and breathe fire."

New Glee member Joe notices Quinn being sad and asks her afterwards if she was all right. He asks her how her physical therapy was going. Quinn tells him it's not working andJoe asks to go to her next therapy session with her. After some convincing, she agrees to let him go.

Will surprises Emma by telling her he got a wedding planner. Emma doesn't believe they need one as she already was planning to have the wedding in a church around Christmas, so she could use the decorations. Will convinces her to move the wedding up to May.

Rachel finds out that Kurt has been getting cute texts from Chandler. She tells him its wrong, but Kurt says it's completely harmless. He just likes to have someone giving him attention, since Blaine has been distant as of late. Rachel asks him if he'd show Blaine the messages. Kurt tells her he wouldn't, which Rachel tells him then the texts aren't innocent.

Joe and Quinn perform "Saving All My Love For You," and from their body language, it's clear they both have feelings for each other. During the performance, they show what happened when Joe goes to Quinn's therapy. The two almost kiss but they both pull away. Afterwards, Quinn tells the girls that she doesn't believe anyone would want her in her current condition. Joe later talks to Sam about how to reconcile his beliefs in God with wanting to be with Quinn.

In a first for the show, Rachel and Santana do a duet of "So Emotional." Throughout the performance, Kurt continues to get cute texts from Chandler, and laughs. Blaine sees this, and is visibly upset.

Emma and Will meet with the wedding planner, who is the exact opposite of what one would expect a wedding planner to be. The wedding planner tells them there is no way they can get everything they want for their wedding in the next month. Angry, Will kicks the planner out, and tells Emma they will do it themselves.

Blaine finds out about Kurt and Chandler's texts. The texts upset Blaine. Kurt tells him they are innocent, but Blaine tells him its cheating. Kurt brings up the fact that Blaine used to text Sebastian all the time. Blaine says he didn't like Sebastian, but he believes Kurt likes Chandler. Kurt tells him that he likes the way Chandler makes him feel, and that Blaine hasn't really made him feel that way in a while. Blaine brings up the fact that he transferred schools to be with him. Kurt tells him that its really hard to be Blaine's boyfriend; before Blaine transferred Kurt would get solos, and now he's just strictly the back up for Blaine. In the end, Blaine says it's not right, but its okay. Which leads to Blaine performing "Its Not Right, But Its Okay" in front of the Glee club. The entire club gives Kurt dirty looks throughout the song, as they know Kurt did something. Afterwards, Blaine runs out of the room upset.

Rachel and Santana talk about how they wasted 3 years hating each other, and that now that they are friends they don't have enough time to truly enjoy it. Santana realizes that she's actually gonna miss Rachel. Rachel knows that even though Santana went out of her way to make her life a living hell, she does respect her ambition. Agreeing with her, Santana tells her she's the only other person in the school who will kill their best friend to get to the top. They both vow to make the last bit of their senior year memorable, Rachel even gives Santana a picture of her to put in her locker.

In typical Burt Hummel fashion, Burt and Kurt talk about how Burt's not ready for Kurt to move to New York. Burt believes they haven't been getting sentimental enough. They both have missed their weekly Friday night dinners. When Kurt asks why Burt has been skipping the dinners, Burt tells him that he doesn't want him to go. Burt tells Kurt that as soon as Kurt walks out of the door for New York, everything's going to change, and it won't ever change back. Burt tells Kurt he is happy and proud of him, that they made each other men, but sometimes he wants his sweet little boy back. With tears in their eyes, they tell each other they will miss each other and hug.

The following day, Kurt performs "I Have Nothing" in front of the group. The song is clearly his apology to Blaine for what he did. Throughout Kurt's performance the entire club seems to reflect on where they are in their current relationships.

Puck gives Sam, Mike, Blaine, and Finn gifts (that he stole from the various houses he cleans pools at) to thank them for being there for him and sticking by him, even after he was with the majority of their significant others. Puck tells them all he's going to miss them.

Kurt takes Blaine to couples counseling with Ms. Pillsbury. Blaine tells Kurt he's sick of every conversation being about NYADA and New York. Blaine believes that Kurt can't wait to leave Lima. He says that he's been avoiding Kurt so that he could get used to not having Kurt around next year. Blaine is afraid that when Kurt leaves he's going to be alone. Kurt is the love of his life, and he is pissed off that he has to be alone next year. Kurt tells him that he's not going to be alone, he's going to Skype him everyday, and Blaine will come to New York often. He promises Blaine that he's not going to lose him.

Will tells Emma that he's found the perfect place for their wedding: a campground that will have plenty of room for a stage for the Glee kids to perform at. When Emma tells him there's no way her OCD will let her have her wedding at the campground, Will breaks down. He wants to have the wedding in May, so that all the Glee kids can attend the wedding. Emma tells her that the kids will come back for the wedding. Will doesn't want the kids to leave, as these kids have changed his life. Emma tells Will that regardless of when they have their wedding, the kids will be there.

At Quinn's physical therapy, Joe is helping her until he gets a little "too happy." Quinn tells him it's okay. Joe tells her that she's the prettiest, nicest girl he's ever met. Joe tells her that if he used his eyes to see what he sees of her, she'd see perfection. Quinn asks him what he wants, and he tells her he doesn't know what he wants. He's conflicted because of his faith, but when he's with her all he wants to do is be right up next to her. Joe said he'd give up his faith for her if she asked him to. Quinn tells him she'd never ask him to do that, because it's nice knowing there's something out there that can't be lost.

The following day, Blaine asks Kurt to ditch Glee practice since everyone else was doing it. Kurt doesn't want to as he doesn't want to miss what is potentially the last few weeks of seeing his friends.

In the auditorium, Mercedes and Artie are performing "My Love Is Your Love." As the performance continues, every member of the club joins them on stage.

In my opinion this episode of Glee was the best episode since the show returned from the hiatus. Its also the best use of an artists body of work. The musical performances were great. I enjoyed the way they recreated the original videos on two of the songs. To me, the best two performances of the episode were "How Will I Know" and "I Have Nothing." The emotions in both songs were powerful. Chris Colfer's voice on "I Have Nothing" was quite possibly his best vocal of the season.

It was nice to finally see Will and Emma actually plan for their wedding. It also sets up the inevitable November sweeps "reunion" episode of Glee in the next season.

Having Rachel and Santana reconcile this episode was great. It really rings true to how high school is. When I was a senior in high school, I didn't realize until it was too late how much certain people meant to me. The writers of Glee are really doing a good job of showing what happens to a group of friends upon graduation.

Quinn's recovery isn't going as smoothly as she was hoping, and for that I'm grateful. I half expected them to gloss over how difficult a path the character has to recovery. I'm glad that she's not magically out of the chair overnight. I hope they continue to show how difficult it will be for her to get her life back together.

As I said earlier, Glee has started the road to graduation. Over the course of the next 5 episodes, Rachel and Kurt will have their NYADA auditions, Nationals will happen (in Chicago this year), and a lot of the kids will graduate. If Glee continues to have episodes as great as this one, the end of the season will be amazing.

Written or Contributed by: Erik Galston

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