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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2.10: Prisoner of War

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 05 2012 and posted in Reviews

It's been ten episodes, and we finally get to see what the real Captain America has been up too since being captured by the Skrulls.

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*New episodes have begun airing in Australia since the last week in May. The USA won't be getting new episodes of this show until possibly June 24. Alas for us, those Aussies so far have five episodes up on us and more on the way. Thus the episodes are now online to be watched. So for those wondering how I got to see this episode early, there's your answer.


Ever since the first season's finale and the start of the second season many have wondered what Captain America has been up too. We find those answers here, besides the obvious that Cap is a prisoner of the Skrulls. Of course this being Cap, we watch him under the Skrull control and how they underestimate him. Then Cap does what Cap does best: inspire people!


After the numerous episodes seeing the Skrull agents wreak havoc upon the Earth, we finally see the other coin to their plan: their treatment of those they've replaced. We see it through the perspective of Cap. We watch them torture him in every way possible, but Cap won't break. He just keeps on ticking and plotting his escape. When he gets his chance, and frees other allies who are friends and enemies alike, he unites them all against a common foe. Moments like these show why Captain America is one of the greatest characters of comics. Though the real kudos goes to Cap's voice actor, Brian Bloom. His voice just exudes authority and honorable.


On the villain's side, we learn pretty much everything from the Skrull perspective as well. We find out their motives for taking Earth, how they're going to do it, what important people they've replaced, and why they are insistent on breaking Cap. It's these pieces that add the final components to what have made the Skrulls such interesting villains for the show (compared to villains like the Kree). These are survivors of a lost world trying to another. Also it's fascinating to watch the Skrulls go from arrogance to astonishment as Cap just weeds through them.

The other key component we get is how the Skrulls are going to win Earth via the mixture of their agents and own soldiers. This episode introduces the original Super Skrull. With his introduction, we know that the others who showed up during Secret Invasion are going to show up here as well. Not to mention even with such physicality this is all one big mind game for them (until the Super Skrull shows up). They use various ways to lure Cap into a false sense. And each time you can almost buy that this is truth, but nope it's not. That's some dang fine writing there when you can almost believe it for a second.


Again, as I said in a previous review, just seeing how stacked the deck is against the heroes is so darn intriguing to me. I can't even piece together how they're going to get out of this one or when the pieces will start falling. The only thing I'd wager is Maria Hill will be the wild card for the heroes as she was in the original Secret Invasion comic series. As this story continues on, I cannot help but think this is a more worthy adaptation than the actual comic. We've seen both sides' motives and they're all compelling. We get a better look at the agents within the heroes and the plan is more worked out. But I guess that only helps that they're working with what worked well in the mini and weeding out what didn't, but also telling a more compressed version of it.

This episode really gave us the meat that adds just the final touches we need before the actual storm is unleashed. Sure enough the next episode is just that. Still, this episode was an insane ride of entertainment. We get all the answers we could imagine. Everything is laid bare as all the cards are on the table for the most part (save what Doom or Hill will do in all of this). So let slip the dogs of war and begin the Secret Invasion!

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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