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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2.12: Secret Invasion

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, June 06 2012 and posted in Reviews

The Skrulls have invaded Earth. The Avengers and all of Earth's forces are in shambles. Is it truly the Skrulls' time of glory?

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*New episodes have begun airing in Australia since the last week in May. The USA won't be getting new episodes of this show until possibly June 24. Alas for us, those Aussies so far have five episodes up on us and more on the way. Thus the episodes are now online to be watched. So for those wondering how I got to see this episode early, there's your answer.


Iron Man: Out of action. Hulk: Missing. Thor: Still in Asgard. With only a handful of Avengers left, the Skrulls have unleashed their invasion on Earth. Every major threat the Earth has against them seems helpless against their offensive might. It's going to take a miracle for our heroes to save the day.


With the previous episode just unleashing the opening salvo, if you aren't glued to this episode already you will be by the first five minutes. The Skrulls' entire plans are shown fully and unleashed, thus showing you the viewer just what our heroes are up against. I have to admit it was so satisfying to watch each and every plan back fire against the Avengers once they get out of each problem the Skrulls put them in.

Another aspect I liked about the episode was the score in the episode. We hear this cheesy 50s science fiction pod people/alien theme for the Skrulls which totally fits them perfectly. I'm kind of disappointed they waited this long to give them this sort of theme because it really suits them. Likewise when the Avengers start striking back, the music just goes into full epic chorus mode.


The voice acting is utterly flawless in this episode. With Brian Bloom (Captain America/Skrull Captain), Elizabeth Daily (Mockingbird/Veranke), and Kari Wuhrer (Maria Hill) having the best spots of acting in the episode. Yeah I'm a hater of the later's character, but even I have to admit the full adaptation of Hill's scene from the actual comic was translated perfectly and her delivery was good as well. Kudos goes to the Avengers Voice Actor Director Jamie Simone for really giving superb direction to all the actors in this episode.

If there was any negatives with the episode it didn't really feel like an all out invasion The actual comic story it's based on did, Kang's in Season One did, or even the live action Avengers movie did. It felt more with Washington being the brunt, even though New York is mentioned as being the other target. I kind of wanted to see Super Skrulls or Skrull soldiers dropping down or revealing themselves when "Captain America's" surrender to them is heard.

Honestly, the other thing I found a problem was the actual fate of the Skrulls. They all live. It's too happy of an ending for the story when the original had such a brutal ending. This was it for the Skrull Empire. Its final gamble failed utterly. The Skrulls have no world to call their own now. Here, they're all locked up in a section of the 42 and placed in suspended animation. It's all too kids cartoony. Yeah I know this show is for kids. However, and I know people are going to rag me on this, but Young Justice: Invasion did a much better job at this. The aliens that invaded so far got wiped out. No easy or possible happy ending for them (you so know the Avengers will find them a world by series' end). This is where the series could have benefited using Doctor Doom, Viper, or even Del Rusk. The recently revealed shadowy government executive, HYDRA, or Doom at the end taking that Skrull technology and using it for their own ends would have been somewhat more satisfying then what we saw. Or even worse them getting the credit and thus we have a Dark Reign style ending.


There is one post-event that the show handled well. That event is that the world itself and the Avengers will take some time to heal from these events. Some heated words were still said amongst teammates as well as Skrull Cap's damage to the real Cap's life. These will be some interesting new subplots to see addressed in future episodes.

Though the kids cartoon logic did delude the story to what I thought it would be, this still was a good episode. It delivered on so many subplots this show had built throughout this and the previous season. The climax was refreshing to watch such cocky bad guys like the Skrulls just lose, underestimating the puny humans. It's just I wish the creators pushed that extra envelope more. For what the episode was, it delivered on what it promised.

4 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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