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The Legend of Korra 1.09: Out of the Past

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 12 2012 and posted in Reviews

As Korra is trapped, she taps into her spiritual side and begins to see how the events of the past formed the problems of the present.

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Continuing right off the events of the last episode, Tarrlok takes Korra to a cottage on the outskirts of Republic City and locks her in a containment cell. With her out of the way, Tarrlok begins his alibi of blaming the Equalists and turning Republic City fully against them. Meanwhile, Beifong frees the Korrang and sets out with Tenzin to find the whereabouts of Korra.


Wow, what an episode! We get answers and a HUGE advancement of the plot. I'd figure the show would linger with Tarrlok in power an episode or two more for the season finale. Nope, the Korrang pieces together after raiding an Equalist Prison and shred Tarrlok's alibi to pieces. The only issue I have is how cleanly it happened. Given what we've seen in the past Tarrlok has the council and with the last episode the police force wrapped around his finger. One figured he bribed or had something on them. Well it seems it was more the former than the later. I like how Tarrlok's downfall came from the most unlikely of places, and the fact the ability of blood bending continues to be a practice of hierarchy amongst the bending world.

On another front, after so many glimpses we finally see the whole story behind the flashbacks Aang has been giving Korra. We see the strange adventure some of the old Gaang have involving the first true blood bending master Yakone. It was pretty nice seeing the adult versions of these characters and that even though they are older, some things just never changed with them. We even heard the returning Avatar State musical theme go along with the actual act with Aang going into that mode to deal with Yakone.


Even though Korra spent most of the episode in a box, and everyone else in the supporting cast were all over the place, I have to admit Korra was the best part of the episode. We are beginning to see the evolution of her character. She's finally using her head more and opening herself to the Spirit angle of the Avatar. Likewise, how she handles Amon and the Equalists in the episode shows how different a fighter she's become as well. She knew she couldn't beat any of them and a continued fight wasn't an option at the moment. For those screaming she had the edge given she was facing Amon in a place littered with snow, remember that she's been cooped up in a cell for who knows how long and is still licking her wounds from her fight with Tarrlok.

Plus let's just face it; Amon has become the Terminator, or his mere presence is a weapon itself. Not so much as when he confronts Tarrlok and we get a new twist. - A slight spoiler warning for those who haven't watched the episode) - Let's just say either Amon is a water bender himself, or his chi abilities make him invulnerable to blood bending as Tarrlok finds out. However, for a split second we can see the blood bending did affect Amon. So maybe it is the later more than the former. Whatever the case, it's an interesting twist that just furthers Korra's fears of facing Amon even more. Though I couldn't help but chuckle, and was expecting Amon to start quoting from V for Vendetta when he broke through Tarrlok's blood bending.

We do see other progressions in the story with Asami finding out about Korra/Mako's kiss from episode 5. I'm kind of shocked that we see no real further progression on that plot other than her standing there as Mako comforts Korra by episode's end. I mean stand up and defend your man woman! Though, I hate that they're bringing up this subplot because for me the romance angle between Korra/Mako/Asumi has been the only misfire this show has had so far. I know this show only has twelve episodes this season to work with, but honestly I don't think other than Asami finding out has no place at the moment. We have so many other plots going around that to slip this one in is overdoing it. That this sort of subplot should boil over until next season, unless of course Asami goes to the Equalist side because of it.


So we see a lot of progress and from the previews, a full-on war between Benders and the Equalists. Though, it appears the war isn't so equal with the Equalists having the edge in technology. Still, we see a nice finish to the whole Tarrlok subplot, and we're now on the even before the storm that will be the season finale. All that's missing now is the truth of Amon's abilities and just what he is hiding under that mask of his. Likewise, Korra's progression from the physicality to now using her mind to taking out some problems; all that's left is progression on her air learning abilities and the full on answer as to what Amon's connection is to the whole Yakone affair.

5 out of 5

Review by: Zechs


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