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The Legend of Korra 1.10: Turning the Tide

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 19 2012 and posted in Reviews

The Equalists take their crusade to the next stage, targeting all of Republic City itself!

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With Tarrlok gone, everything should be all hunky dory with the Council that leads Republic City right? Unfortunately, Amon has begun his end game. The Equalists have begun to attack everyone on the Council and Republic City itself. With all benders being targeted, can Tenzin get his family and friends out of Republic City in time without being captured himself?

So the finale begins. All the plots are culminating to their highest points, and one ends in this very episode. Everything is getting ramped up. The action is becoming more epic and you know the finale is in sight.


If there was one thing I always enjoyed about Avatar: The Last Airbender was how the show was about the characters and the overall plot was secondary. These were characters you grew to like and root for, or hated, cherishing their ultimate defeat. We're feeling that here with so far Amon unleashing his greatest offensive effort yet. You just know there's going to be a defining character moment and something will never be the same. I honestly thought this episode was going to be rather dark. In fact it really is at the end.

This is probably the fourth time the Avatar series has been depressing; those who watched the show know the three other saddest moments. This show, much like that, knows how to grip you by the heart and just rip it out and shatter it to pieces. The final moments for one character in the episode is beautiful, powerful, and yet so tragic. This moment will be all the more poignant If we never see this character again, but I doubt that (this is a kids show after all, but then this show has dealt with genocide and death in the past).


Regardless, the voice acting is just light years ahead of a lot of animation work. A lot of the voice actors bring their A game in this episode. You get a lot of emotion in their voices and the tones they have throughout the episode are quite well.

The other thing is how wonderful the character moments are in this show. It knows when to give the right touches of humor, tension, and drama. You will be laughing one moment before being on the edge of your seat the next. Though unlike the previous series, you knew who would be "safe" and who wouldn't be. For some reason, given this series just makes me think the opposite of that. Anyone could be expelled of their bending at any moment (or even worse). Though to have that sense of dread you have to give the writers and creators of the show their due. They really have crafted a juicy overarching story.


After ten episodes, the Equalists finally step into the full evil spotlight. Yes, one could easily root for them earlier thus far in the series. One can't help themselves and be smirking cheek to cheek with the results of last episodes Amon vs. Tarrlok fight. Well no longer. They aren't just taking out the morally ambiguous benders; now they're going after all benders. I'm curious to see if the show will have some of them realize the depths to which they're reaching as in the previous show such a side was shown with Zuko and his thoughts on his father's genocidal plans to wipe out the Earth Kingdom. Though I think that sort of plot will wait another episode or two, plus we get a somewhat brief moment in the episode.

It's funny though, I haven't even talked about the ending's "good" twist and so much on the "dire" one. After literally having our hearts tugged severely, we're given the introduction of a new character voiced by an all too familiar voice actor from the previous Avatar series. It's a nice moment for the "old" fans of the show, because you can't help but scream out, "YEAH! GO GET THEM Spawn of ____!!" Of course then the realization hits you this poor fellow will be yet another victim of Amon. WHAT?! I'm a fan of the villain. I can't help it. That mask. That Steve Blum voice. Amon is like the Asian Dr. Doom. *ahem* I apologize. No I don't. I regret NOTHING!


There's just so much this show has that other animated fare could learn from. The way it juggles humor, action, and drama is done so perfectly. Everything is just so perfect and flows smoothly. Watching this episode and this show, you know you're just in for a treat you're not usually accustomed to in normal animated fare. You could wish other American animated products could be this good!

5 of out 5

Review by: Zechs


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