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Deathstroke #11 Review, or How I Became Dumber After Reading a Comic Book

on Wednesday, July 18 2012 and posted in Reviews

The Doctor is in, and he's operating on Deathstroke. Expect a malpractice suit. From someone.

Comic Review Cover

Credits & Solicit Info:

Deathstroke #11
Written by: Rob Liefeld
Art by: Rob Liefeld
Cover by: Rob Liefeld

DEATHSTROKE, ZEALOT and the OMEGAS vs. LOBO! DEATHSTROKE races to find the crashed STARPOINT cruiser and the ship's WORLD BREAKER protocol!


Rob Liefeld gets some serious hate from fanboys.  Just the mere mention of his name can send the fandom into a tizzy, and geekdom running to the interwebz to download copies of the infamous Cap-boobs picture.  There are many times when the hate is unwarranted.  This is not one of those times.

This is an absolute abortion of a comic.  There is simply no reason why something like this should get past editorial and make it onto the shelves.  I actually checked the credits to see if Rob LIefeld was simply plotting the issue or scripting it as well, because I had to be sure who was writing this issue.  There will be time to get into the writing, but let's try to do this by the numbers.


This is probably the best part of this issue.  Forgive me if I mix up some stuff that happened in issue 10, but I'm not going back and reading the issues (due to the nosebleeds and the blackouts).  Lobo has escaped after countless years in prison (they later say 30, so it wasn't really countless unless you're a dumbass), and he's now found his ship and plans to destroy the world for imprisoning him.  The ship was cloaked in a crater for 30 years.  The government knew about it.  Knowing the danger the ship posed, they put a chicken-wire fence around it and were content to leave it in the exact same position it was in when it crashed.  Now Deathstroke and his team of Omegas (along with Zealot) go to stop Lobo.

The ART:

Rob Liefeld is drawing it.  That's really all you need to know. The anatomy is inconsistent, guns and other weapons appear when needed and disappear promptly when he gets tired of drawing them.  Pieces of scenery appear when something needs to be obscured, and he utilizes the same 7 poses he's been using for the past 20 years.  I will make one special note that having a character with a healing factor whose clothes also heal with him (because you're too lazy to draw him damaged) is particularly hilarious.


I don't know if I can describe the pain involved in reading this issue.  It feels like a 13 year old (who just watched a bunch of 80's action movies) wrote this.  "I fight to overcome. I fight to win. You can't be the best until you beat the best."  I feel that pretty much sums it up right there.  It's simply cliché after cliché, and makes a Michael Bay script read more like Michael Chabon.  There's another line in there that stood out to me, "you can't out-think a berserker."  Really?  Because one would think that's exactly the type of character one would be able to out-think.  It's just non-sensical, action movie garbage dialogue.  If you enjoy that stuff, you might get a chuckle out of this.


The prognosis isn't good. I'd say this thing is a 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale, but that would be kind.  The patient is brain-dead, folks.  It's time to unplug the respirator.

1 out of 10 Stars.

Deathstroke #11 Review, or How I Became Dumber After Reading a Comic Book

Deathstroke #11 Review, or How I Became Dumber After Reading a Comic Book

Deathstroke #11 Review, or How I Became Dumber After Reading a Comic Book

Review by: Doc Jon

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