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Canadian Bacon Bits

Written by BubbaKanoosh on Thursday, November 27 2008 and posted in Reviews

Welcome to the first edition of Canadian Bacon Bits, where I review three titles each week that YOU suggest for me to read. So, lets begin shall we?


Guardians of the Galaxy #7 guardians7.jpg
I hate to do this, but I have to agree with chap on everything he said on this book. Being a fan of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, and all things cosmic related that’s happening in both Marvel and DC, how could I not love this story? The pacing was awesome, the right amount of action and the right story made this book a fun fun read. Vance Astrovik trying to fight off the Badoon brought back many memories. Cosmo talking to the female Starhawk, who reminded me of his sister Aleta actually, was a fun scene too. But the most intriguing character I find is Adam Warlock, because I know they are going to turn him into Magus, I can feel it. My Canadian senses are tingling. For those of you who don't know who Magus is, its a future version of Adam Warlock who has been corrupted and evil. He was also the main baddie in Infinity War, he was the dark half of Adam's soul personified. He is already wearing the right costume for it, the lightning bolt. All that needs to happen now is his skin to turn purple, his hair to turn white and made into an afro (three sure signs you are a bad guy). I am calling it now, Adam leading the Church of Truth will corrupt him and he will be the main bad guy in an upcoming Annihilation mini. The ending was just all around kick ass as well, we get to see King Blastaar. Now that Annihilus is out of the picture, he was free to take control of the Negative Zone. Can't wait to see where this goes next.


Thor: Man of War
thor.jpgIf you are looking for a superhero story, do not read this. If you are looking for a kick ass warrior story, then this is going to be a fun read for you. Going into this, I knew nothing bout it. I thought it was a mini-series or something, turned out to be a one-shot. Glad I picked this up, takes place in Asgard as Odin is watching his rebellious son Thor being a spoiled brat. Turning his back on the Gods and not caring about the mortals, Thor is wrecking havoc amongst the Nine Worlds. So how to do put you son back in line? Send a hot chick with a spear and flying horse after him. Valkyrie and Thor brawl it out until a Storm Giant ruins the fun. They both realize they have bigger fish to fry, and that is the giant so they both go in for the kill. Well, with the help of the Warrior Three and Balder that is. And what do they do afterwards? All go out for a post-giant slaying ale and mead. And a bar fight.

Odin realized in order for him to put his son back in line, he has to do it himself. Sporting the Destroyer Armor and the Odinsword, Thor and Odin brawl it out. Thor is so blinded by his own arrogance, he won't even listen to his father plead for him to change. So, Odin does what any good father would do, he grounds him for a long long time by making him mortal to learn the lesson of humility and humanity.

This story was beautiful, and broken into two parts. The first draw by Clay Zann, and the second drawn by Patrick Zircher. I didn't read the credits at the beginning so when I read the book I didn't realize the artists changed, the transition was that smooth. Matt Fraction does a great job at the narration and the dialogue of the book. It wasn't cheesy, well, cept for Thor telling Odin to "Shut Up". I highly recommend this book, its a fun read. Hell, I read it twice. Do it, Rockapella.


Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1

umbrealla-dallas1.jpgI never read the first mini, but it was always one of those titles I heard so many things about and kicked myself for not picking up. I knew of the characters, and felt the character design was awesome. Hell, who wouldn't love a man wearing a robotic gorilla outfit? Stupid people, that’s who. So, jumping into this mini I was a little lost at first, but got the jist of it right away. This story takes place right after the last mini ends, showing what the team is up to post-saving the world. Well, except for the 17 year old flashback where you see a bunch of kids (which I am assuming is the team as youngsters) fighting a giant fire breathing Abe Lincoln statue. And what are they up too now in the present day post-world saving? Well Spaceboy, the dude in the uber cool monkey suit, is watching TV and wanting cookies, Seance is now into this "I am famous" mode and getting a mani, pedi, and hairdo to make himself all pretty, Violin is bedridden with her head all bandaged, Rumour has lost her voice which is the source of her power due to her throat being slit, Kraken is taking names and breaking peoples arms, and Number Five, who kinda reminds me of Montana Max from Tiny Toons, is at the horse track losing tons of money. And from there the action hits. On his way out to the car he is confronted by 50-60 foot solders representing The Organization wanting their prize i.e.: Him. So, he did what any man would do, and that is take all of them out with an AK47!! But, before the last one dies he calls for help.

So, did I like this issue? Hell yes. Am I going to buy issue two? Hell yes x 10. Why you ask? As I said earlier, the character designs are so unique, I love them all. The art is different from most comics I have picked up, not very traditional to say the least. It sorta reminds me of a cross between a Gorillaz music video and that of Edward Gorey (if you do not know who that is, I suggest you look him up). But mostly I wanna see the two the foot soldier asked to be dispatched (Hazel and Cha-Cha) and what is it about these two characters that has Number Five, a dude who just took out 60 people by himself, scared enough to say "We are already dead" upon hearing who is after him. Oh, and I wanna see if Spaceboy actually got his cookies.



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