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Cleaning the Plate for 12-10-08 - Spoilers

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, December 15 2008 and posted in Reviews

All DC week!

superman-batman54.jpgSuperman/Batman #54
Michael Green and Mike Johnson have been doing a bang up job on this series that has seemed to have more ups and down then the last few months of the stock market. This issue is the second part of a not so original storyline where Superman loses his powers and Batman gains them. Now that he has Kal-El’s abilities, Bruce has become even more obsessive in his desire to clean up Gotham City once and for all. Meanwhile, Clark is dealing with being human, yet still needing to be a hero, a desire that puts his life in mortal danger. Both writing and art are the strongest they have been in a long time, on this series. The last arc was loads of fun, and I’m kind of enjoying this one as well. Unfortunately I can’t help but think that we’ve already been down the road of Superman losing his powers during the OYL stories. So far, I haven’t seen anything real new on this story. And there does seem like there’s something a bit off with the portrayal of Batman as well. Would the man who is more cautious than any other hero, really embrace his new found powers so quickly and without trying to figure out how to get them back to his buddy, Superman. Don’t get me wrong, I love this creative team so far, and the story isn’t bad, per se, but it’s just not hitting on all thrusters, either. My score: B-


Titans #8
Let me first say that I have no personal bias for or against Mr. Winick. There are things that I have enjoyed of his, and arcs that have made me scratch my head. He’s really hit or miss, with me. So I went into this title with an open mind, and was not too discouraged after the first arc. Wasn’t great, but not bad, either. The second arc, featuring the return of Jericho, has been less than great, so far. How many times must we see this once well developed character go from being alive to dead, from good to bad, before we just don’t care anymore? This is not rhetorical; the answer is, right now. Having just spent six issues with Nightwing and crew, having to face Raven’s long lost siblings, and the possibility of their teammate once again turning to the dark side, it now feels as though Judd Winick has become a one trick pony. I hope when we get past this internal crisis, The Titans will finally face some real villains, and possibly spend a bit of time enjoying each other’s company. At least give us three issues before Starfire decides to turn against her friends. My Score: D


actioncomics872.jpgAction Comics #872
I haven’t enjoyed Superman this much in ages! Picking up where we left off in Supergirl, we find Kal-El and cousin demanding the Kryptonians that have murdered several policemen. What happens next is a major revelation for not only Kara and Kal, but for Kara’s father as well. It seems that mommy dearest has her own plans; and she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty to get the job done! Add the return of The Creature Commandos, a new Metallo and Reactron, and a sudden death that is going to shake up Kara’s world even more, and you’ve got a recipe for some high flying adventure with just the perfect blend of old fashion comic fun meets twenty first century story telling. Pete Woods’ art is the perfect cherry on top of this royal sundae, making for some of the best art I’ve seen in this book for a long time. Here’s to a long reign of Kryptonians as well as Johns and crew! My score: A-



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