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Super Troy's Prime Cuts for 12-10-08 Spoilers

Written by Troy on Monday, December 15 2008 and posted in Reviews

Some more reviews for last week's comics.

My Likes

actioncomics872.jpgAction Comics #872
Loved it!! Geoff Johns continues to build such a wonderful world around the Man of Steel that just drags you in full force. His take on Lex Luthor is spot on perfect. I love that he has taken him back to the Super Scientific Genius and away from the ruthless businessman. The new take on Metallo and Reactron was very well done too, really establishing more of Superman’s villains a credible threats. The little glimpses that Johns throws in like Nightwing and Flamebird in Gotham talking about keeping secrets and then showing workers in Metropolis fixing Superboy’s statue, just get the fanboy juices flowing! I missed Gary Franks fine pencil work on this issue but Pete Woods has really stepped his game up in recent years and is more than a suitable replacement. The ending really has me clamoring for more of the New Krypton story, which is great since the next part is only a week away in the next issue of Supergirl!!


Final Crisis # #5
Liked It. Actually it's the first issue of the series that I have enjoyed with really nothing to complain about. Carlos Pacheco should probably have been the artist on this book to begin with. He seems to be able to make following Morrison’s script much easier than JG Jones did. The opening with the Green Lanterns was definitely the highlight of book, especially the "Here's you ring Lantern Jordan, you have 24 hours to save the Universe" line, was badass. Darkseid finally "coming to life" was pretty badass as well, just took a little to long to get there. I have a feeling that things may be turning around now and that Final Crisis may end with more of a bang than a whimper.


Green Arrow/Black Canary #15
Liked It.
This was the first issue of the book in the Post-Winick era, not being a Winick hater I was displeased to see him leave the book, but he has been writing these characters for pretty much the better of the last 5 years, so yeah it was time to leave. The new writer does a pretty good job of capturing the voices of the characters, especially Ollie and Dinah. I was sad to see Connor and Mia leave the "Arrow Cave" but this book is supposed to be GA/BC not the GA Family book. So now I think the book with have a definite new direction and I'll give it a few more issue to see if a truly like where it is going.


Green Lantern Corps #31
Loved It!!
Yes I am a sucker for all things GL right now, and that’s just because it is about the best thing going today!! Tomasi and Gleason are just knocking these stories outta the park, it's just insane how great they are! Kryb is the most disturbing new villain to come out in a very long time, she just makes me shiver from the inside out. Mongul is very quickly becoming one of the all time great GL villains, and has an excellent little scene with the ladies in this issue. All this plus more Star Sapphire goodness just make me even more anxious for "Blackest Night" to get started already!


Titans #8
Liked It.
Ok this is probably the best issue of the series so far. Again I am not a Winick hater but the Raven and her crazy family start to the book was pretty bad. Much of that can be attributed to the fact that the art was pretty much god awful after Ian Churchill was off the book. The Jericho goes evil and takes on the Titans isn't an all new story but this one does have a new twist on it. I really enjoyed Howard Porter’s artwork as he actually has a way of making all the characters look their age. I am actually looking forward to more of The Titans now, when recently I was thinking of dropping the book from my pull list.


Nightwing #151
Loved It.
Peter Tomasi it seems can do no wrong with this book!! God I hate that it only has two more issues left! Nightwing and Two-Face is the best rivalry in comics right now, PERIOD!! They feed off of each other so well, it just makes me sick with happiness. I love how Dick has finally become the confident kick ass hero that he always should have been, I so hope all the other Bat-Chaos doesn't mess this up. The book does have a very touching ending scene with Dick, Tim, and Alfred, which I will not spoil, you must read it yourself.


Captain Britain and MI 13 #8
Loved It.
This is my favorite book from Marvel Comics right now, mainly because it focuses on some very awesome characters that are very rarely used this well. Captain Britain trapped in the Dream Corridor, Blade, Spitfire, Pete Wisdom, and The Black Knight fighting their hearts desire and a factory of Mindless Ones!! Everything about this book is awesome and attractive, clever quirky, it is just AWE-MAZING!! Not tied to all the other non-sense of the Marvel U, this is a great little place to enjoy some fantastic character driven moments.

My Dislikes

Savage Dragon #142
Didn't Like It.
I love Erik Larsen and Savage Dragon, I have every single issue of this book since the first mini series, probably the only reason why I still get it. The book seems to have really lost all it's steam and direction as of late, and even out of loyalty it is getting hard to keeping picking it up.


Dark Reign #1
Hated It.
There is no way that Dr Doom, Loki, or Namor (if that is even really Namor, more on that) would ever take orders from Norman Osborne. The thought of that is just ridiculous, insane, and I am sorry I am not buying it for a minute. Emma I can maybe see since she apparently now feels some strong guilt over the death of Kitty Pryde that has not been touched on in any of the numerous other X-books that she appears in. As for my Namor comment the guy that was in this book that was supposed to be Namor does not sound like any Namor that I have ever read. Yes he looked like a hobo, but I think that was just because Maleev’s artwork was so bad in this book it is beyond compare. I don't know what Marvel was thinking with this one, but it didn't get me excited about things to come in the Marvel U.




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