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Super Troy's Prime Cuts for 12-17-08 Spoilers

Written by Troy on Thursday, December 18 2008 and posted in Reviews

Back again with more reviews.

My Likes

The Walking Dead #56
walkingdead56.jpgLOVED IT!! Five years in and this is still my all time favorite comic. Each and every month that it comes out, and it is coming out monthly now, it is at the top of my stack to must read. I feel like I have been living my life with these survivors for the last five years, and it's been one helluva trip. This issue picks up on somewhat of a high note, at least as far as TWD is concerned. We all thought we had lost another member of the group last month, but thankfully Maggie wasn't really dead, no thanks to new resident tough guy Abraham trying to put a bullet in her not dead yet head! Rick stops him, by stepping up to the plate like the old Rick we used to know and love, not the self-doubting man he has become. This confrontation with Abraham is only going to lead to bad things. Rick and Abraham are gonna have the "Alpha Clash" down the road, and that I am afraid ain't gonna be pretty. We get the standard fantastic character interaction that we all so love from this book seeing how Maggie was dealing with her ordeal and the others around her dealing with her. I definitely think that she and Glenn’s "daughter" Sophia are craziest of the group, but damn that girl has seen a lot of bad things in her short life. Rick almost gets taken out by a roamer while he is trying to take a piss, that has gotta suck, but reluctantly Abraham saves him at the last minute. Their fight is gonna be epic!!! The group is still on the move to Washington but as we see from the last page of this issue, there is more to fear in their little group than just the zombies that surround them.

Superirl #36 (New Krypton Part 8)supergirl36.jpg
Loved It. Only three issues into their run on the book and Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle are the best team this book has ever seen, and are producing some of the best stories featuring Supergirl I have ever read. Kara fights through an army of Brainiac drones to reach her father just before he dies. Very touching scene between the father and daughter that had been lost to each other for so long, to only be reunited for mere moments. Alura of course takes the news the hardest losing her husband and again lashes out at all of humanity. Kal-El still trying to find the Kryptonians responsible for the deaths of the Science Police Officers drives the wedge deeper between himself and his fellow Kryptonians. Supergirl meets Superwoman when Kara flies off to Metropolis to retrieve her belongings and move to Kandor. No idea who the new Superwoman is but the advice she gives Kara sounds much like what Clark would say, and Kara tells her as much. Her mask is made of lead "because we all have out secrets, but just think of me as a friend" she says. Alura is gathering an army to guard the gates of their home, and like I have thought from the beginning New Krypton does not seemmightyavengers20.jpg like it is gonna have a happy ending.

Mighty Avengers #20 (Secret Invasion Epilogue)
Liked It. I really am ready to get past Secret Invasion and this issue did a lot to assure that. I am ready for the new line up and new creative team on the book, but this issue had some nice looks back at special Avengers moments. I was beginning to think that that all this book was gonna be was some pretty flashbacks of everything that’s happened while Hank was gone, but then we get to the funeral scene. I loved seeing Hank go off on Tony!! Stark deserves all the shit he gets, he brought all this on them and now he must pay for his sins. I am so glad that Thor is playing such a larger role with his fellow Avengers comforting Hank as he tried to speak. The best part of the issue though was when Clint Barton confronts Norman Osborne about being then Green Goblin and tells old Gobby to "Go Fuck Himself!!"


deadpool5.jpgDeadpool #5
LOVED IT!! Zombies, big boobed beautiful women, and Wade calling someone a dingle berry, what’s not to like about this comic?!?! This is the only comic that I regularly read that I laugh out loud the whole way through while reading. Daniel Way has truly surprised me as to how he has captured Wade’s humor so awesomely. Paco Medina and Carlo Barberi do an awesome job on the art chores as well, been fans of both for a long time. This issue Wade double-crossed those that double crossed him and in the end betrays everyone and it is hilarious! But as with most situations that Wade finds himself in, just when he thinks things can't get any worse, they do! Next issue Wade underwater with Tigershark!!

uncanny505.jpgUncanny X-Men #505
Liked It. This issue is my favorite since #500 and the move to San Fran. That may have a lot to do with Fraction, Bru just doesn't have the voice of the characters like Fraction does, and The Dodsons providing some beautiful artwork, love them so much!! This issue with all the different plot lines running simultaneously really reminded me of old school X-Men comics that I grew up on and loved! I especially liked the scene with Pixie (one of my favorite new characters), Armor, and X-23. I also continue to very much enjoy the relationship between Scott and Emma, but it seems like things are a bit rocky, especially with Scott keeping the secret of X-Force from her. The one thing I did not like about this issue was the feeling that Emma being part of the "Dark Reign" is really being forced on us. I just do not like that idea.

Robin #181robin181.jpg
Liked It. If Fabian Nicieza and Freddie Williams II are trying to make me like them even more, then they are doing a fantastic job! If this title is going to turn into Red Robin with Tim assuming that role and they are still going to be the creative team on the book, then after reading this issue I am completely fine with that. Anarky seems to be a perfect foil for Tim, like Joker to Batman and Two-Face to Nightwing. With every issue over the last few months this book has only gotten better, from the return of Spoiler, the appearance of Jason Todd, and Tim donning the Red Robin costume, it makes it that much sadder that this book is coming to an end. Tim seems to be getting enveloped in the madness, surrounding only in the end turning it back on all that deserve it. If we are only gonna get 2 more issues of this book with this creative team steering the way for Tim Drake, then I am sure gonna miss them.

My Dislikes

Amazing Spider-Man #581
Did Not Like It. First I hate Mike McKone's artwork on Spider-Man, he just does not draw the character well at all. Then the whole explanation of Harry's "not death" death just really did not sit well with me at all. I think this is one of my least favorite BND stories to date.


Dark Reign: New Nation
Hated It. I am so glad that I work in a comic shop and just got to flip through this at lunch, because I would have been so pissed off I had just bought this and took it home. It's nothing more than a $4.00 preview book, with many of the previews already been showcased elsewhere!! This is a rip off from Marvel and a complete waste of money, do not buy this book!!!


These are quick hits of other books that I really liked:

Terra #1-4
By Justin Gray/Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor. You learn the origin of the new Terra, you get some great character interaction with Power Girl and Geo-Force, and you just have a lot of fun. This mini made me look forward to the new Terra joining the Teen Titans hopefully as well getting me even more excited about the upcoming Power Girl ongoing series by the very same creative team!! Definitely something I recommend picking up!

X-Men Legacy #219
Excellent One and Done story about Charles Xavier and his step brother Cain Marko the Juggernaut. Mike Carey continues to tell some excellent stories in this book, anyone not reading it really should do themselves a favor and start readdcuholliday.jpging it ASAP!

DCU Holiday Special
Fun little Christmas book that has some very entertaining stories, like the Santa Claus/Superman tale that is very familiar. Ian Churchill pencils an Aquaman story; he has been chomping at the bit to be the artist on a new Aquaman ongoing series right now!! If you like Christmas themed stories and don't mind the $5.99 price, this is definitely a special worth picking up.

X-Factor #38
The artwork by Larry Stroman still looks really bad, but the story was still really good, that’s just peter David. I am really just looking forward to the next issue for the BIRTH!!


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