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Super Troy's Prime Cuts for 12/24/08 Spoilers

Written by Troy on Friday, December 26 2008 and posted in Reviews
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wolfman11.jpgInvincible #57 and Astounding Wolfman #11
Loved Them Both. Fantastic little two-part crossover that lays the groundwork to build a beautiful Superhero Universe between these to characters. Basically Cecil gets Invincible to bring in Wolfman for the murder charges since his own men have failed to do the job. Invincible of course doesn't trust Cecil at all so when he meets up with Wolfman he realizes things aren't what they seem and he is really innocent. After a few Super Team-Up battle brawls, the two escape from Cecil and the Guardians of the Globe. Invincible agrees to help Wolfman clear his name and Wolfman goes back to training learning how to use his new powers, gaining something he never thought he we have again, a friend. Kirkman is just an amazing writer that really makes all his characters voices speak in very distinct ways to the readers. I totally recommend both of these book to anyone that is not already reading them.

ultimatespiderman129.jpgUltimate Spider-Man #129
Loved It. Even though this title has Ultimatum sprawled across the top of it, it has nothing at all to do with the story yet, which is a very good thing IMHO. This story is a lot more about Aunt May and Johnny Storm than Spider-Man. Johnny is trying to find a new girlfriend instead of hooking up with the normal skanky ho of the week. He meets a new girl that he finds somewhat finds familiar, that’s right, Johnny Storm has the hots for the returning Spider-Girl, can we say awkward?!? Aunt May meets with the principle of the school to get Gwen back into classes, so she can have somewhat of a normal life. The principles reply is there is nothing normal about this school since Spider-Man showed up, and the board is threatening to lock the doors and close it down! If that’s not bad enough while Peter is out with his friends for a night of fun, the police coming knocking on the door and take May down town for questioning about her and her nephews relationship with Spider-Man!!!

Hulk #9 Part 1
Liked It.
I mainly am sticking with this book because it has some of the finest artwork of any book on the shelves right now. I love Art Adams and he just doesn't do enough monthly comic work for me to pass on getting some. Hulk gets another transformation this issue turning into Wendi-Hulk, yes you read that right. hulk9.jpgRemember I said I buy this for the artwork, not the story. The story is truly ridiculous as Loeb writes these characters like he has never read another story involving them. He totally does not get how they would react to this situations, which with the Sentry is not a bad thing as he seems to write him rather well, and would not mind seeing him write more Sentry stories. Anyways Ms Marvel calls in Brother Voodoo, since she can't get Dr Strange, who does a spell and gets rid of the Wendigoes, and everyone goes their separate ways at the end.

Hulk #9 Part 2
Liked It.
Another ridiculous story with beautiful artwork, I love me some Frank Cho womens!! Again Loeb writes these characters horribly, having them do things that are totally not in line with them at all. Not much happens other than a bunch of randomly hot chicks beat down Red Hulk. They try to wait for him to change or revert back to his true identity while he is knocked out, but he never does. He wakes up takes out most of them and escapes with Thundra. Why you ask? He is recruiting her for some secret mission of his, what this is much like his identity we still have no clue. I'll keep buying this book as long as the artists that I love keep drawing it but I swear Loeb has lost all ability to write a good story.

New Avengers #48
Liked It. Captain America, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Ms Marvel, Ronin, Mockingbird, Wolverine, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones the New New New Avengers? I guess this could be a really good team. Bendis still writes them all very well, that’s for sure. Cap’s home is the new Avengers HQ, I like that. Iron Fist leaving the team, didn't like that so much, but I can understand why. Seeing them beat all hell outta the scum of NYC looking for the baby, that was cool. Luke selling out to the man (Norman Osborne) I did not like, but when it comes to the safety of your child you do what needs to be done. This will definitely come back to bite the New New New Avengers in the ass.

Thor #12
Loved It.
This was all about Loki and all about greatness!! You learn of Loki's origins beautifully worded by JMS and drawn by Coipel. The trickster with the aid of Hela goes back to his own past to have a little therapy session with his father and gain a sense of closure. The huge reveal in this issue is the why Loki has taken the appearance of a woman?!?! Because he is inhabiting the body of the fair Lady Sif!!!!! And if he is stricken down by his brother Thor while in this body, then they both, Loki and Sif shall die!!! Gearing up for big things in Thor issue #600, I cannot wait!

ultimatum2.jpgUltimatum #2
Liked/Hated It. I think that if Bendis were writing this story instead of Jeph Loeb then it would be a fantastic story. The plot and premise of the story is very entertaining but the dialogue is so bad that it just makes you want to puke. Finch’s art is very pleasing especially watching Thor take on an army of undead! There is plenty of implied and flat out death in this issue: Valkyrie is apparently dead as Thor goes to Hela to try and reclaim her soul, which is where the Thor fighting the army of undead comes from, if he beats them he gets Valkyrie's soul. Captain America is apparently dead as well since he shows up there fighting alongside Thor, pretty much appearing out of thin air with no explanation. Wasp is definitely dead as Hank and Hawkeye find her being eaten by the Blob. Prof X is definitely dead as we see Magento go all ICP and "SNAPs HIS NECK"!!! Some other non-eventful stuff happens with Spidey, Hulk, Thing, and Sue but not much really. Dr Doom and Power Princess abduct Reed and apparently they are gonna go back to the Squadron Supreme Universe to try and bring back Nick Fury. Just way to much shit going on in such a small time frame with really bad character interactions is making me wish that the Ultimate Universe would just ultimately end already.

Mini Cuts flash247.jpg

The Flash #247 - The Flash comes to an end again, seems like this happened all to recently doesn't it? Ever since Geoff Johns left this book it has been in an ever increasingly downward spiral. Guess it is a great thing that he is coming back with Flash: Rebirth, it can't get here fast enough. In this issue Wally basically gives up being the Flash to be a family man. Not the end of the character I am sure but it does look like it is the end for what I think was the greatest Flash ever!

Wolverine Origins #31 - Wolverine and Daken are looking for Romulus. They find Cyber instead, they all fight, then agree to take down Romulus together. Wolverine has a plan to take them both out but Daken betrays Wolverine and sides with Cyber, blah, blah, blah snooze. It amazes me how shitty this book is, because Way writes Deadpool so awesome!!

Immortal Iron Fist #21 - Normally one of my favorite reads but this month was one of the other Iron fist stories, which again I normally like. This one was however a future Iron Fist story and I just wasn't feeling it. I am ready for more on the 8th Mystical City and the other Immortal Weapons!

Nova #20 - Nice little scenes with Nova and some of his former New Warrior teammates. I was all about this book in the beginning but not so much now. I thought I was gonna be into the rebuilding of the Nova Corps but I think it was better when Nova was the only one. I may be dropping this book.

Vigilante #1 - Totally picked this up on impulse. Rick Leonardi seems to be channeling John Romita Jr because the art on this book reminded me so much of his work on Punisher. Hell this was pretty much your standard Punisher comic with the Vigilante just inserted. I'll give it a few more issues to see if I will stick with it. I doubt sales will be enough to keep it around past 10 issues anyways.



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