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Cat Scratch Corner Gold Digger #20

Written by Cat-Scratch on Friday, February 27 2009 and posted in Reviews
1catsratchlogo.jpgGold Digger issue volume 1 #20.
Published by Antarctic Press in 1995.
Story Written & Drawn by Fred Perry


The Story:

Brittany "Cheetah" Diggers opens the fridge to see what to eat for dinner, sadly for her, it's as golddigger20.jpgempty as a new one straight from the appliance store. She loudly complains to her older sister Gina "Gold Digger" Diggers. Gina passes the buck back to Cheetah, but that isn't going to stay that way for long. Cheetah zooms through Gina's lab, grabbing her and continuing straight into the car. Off to the grocery store "Food Buffalo"; they’ve got coupons. Once there, they come under the spying gaze of...Leprechauns. They're mission is rather clear to the reader and best described with this line - "By the Five Crasses o' Christ, it be time to make certain that treasure snatchin' wench never threatens one o' our pots o' gold EVER AGAIN!!!" As others look on at the store, our Digger sisters shop. Gina gets a dolly with cases of tuna for her, presently in her human form, sister Cheetah. Hey cats got a luv of that fish. Then as Gina goes a little boy crazy, a giant robot smashes through into the store! Big Moe has arrived to champion the Leprechauns.
Big Moe crushes Gina and Cheetah's tuna with a single punch, aimed for them. Bad move, as it ticks off Cheetah and she changes into her were-cat form. But first, an adjustment of her wardrobe is needed. But, Gina's talents as a super scientist let's her seize control of Big Moe from the wee-people. Then a further sneaky attack with a Gundam like human sized robot! Its pilot is captured and his pot o' gold becomes Gina's prize for catching him. She was, with Cheetah just wondering why they're getting attacked, but gold is gold, YAY! As the sisters finally get through the checkout and back
to the car, the Leprechaun Ninja Team is waiting for them, however, Cheetah spots their little clover leafs hanging out the car's window. This time, Cheetah gets the gold with her super speed. As Gina and Cheetah head home, with Gina daydreaming of male harems now affordable, the Leprechauns attack with an M-1 tank! The chase is on as the sisters burn rubber onto the highway while the Leprechauns pursue with several tanks and personal carriers! The crafty wee-folk manage to capture the sisters and off to Ireland they're magically whisked to face trial.
At the trial, Gina and Cheetah are accused of being nothing more then tomb raiding thieves, after gold. One of their first adventures is replayed, magically, before the court. In that adventure, they manage to trick a living chest out of its treasure of gold bricks. OK, Cheetah plays that snatch it before getting your arm bit off, and having super speed, it's a cinch for her to win. The chest smashes itself while trying to bite Cheetah's arm off. The Leprechaun high judge finds them guilty. The punishment...hanging. The girls begin to think of ways to waylay the hanging - scuffed shoes and such, but the wee people are a crafty bunch. But then...they recall that the wee-people are deathly afraid of....CATS!
Cheetah transforms into her full cat form, the Leprechauns are at bay with fear of her. Gina meanwhile is starting to slowly choke to death, until Cheetah slashes her free. Now Gina and Cheetah are able to explain that they don't steal gold. She points to the evidence that when they
were confronted by the chest, the chest itself had challenged them in a contest. They hadn't wanted it if not offered as they were not thieves. Cheetah reverts to her were-cat form, but forgets that she's naked so...
the Leprechauns are given a sight to inflame there hearts and loins. Cheetah is embarrassed. Peace is found and a new friendship made, the Leprechauns return our girls back to their home of Atlanta, Georgia. But Gina wonders where the wee folk got the heavy vehicles from for their attacks. Cut to Gina's friend and rivals, Penny Pincher's home. She's left regretting selling any of her Macro Machines collection to the Leprechauns, as you see, they want their money back.

The Review:

This was the very first issue I ever bought and read. Prior I had seen it from time to time on the racks of some of the comic shops that I would visit on occasion. I leafed it and liked what I saw, but I could be hesitant to buy it as my regular comic shop didn't stock it and I still had that fear of getting hooked and watching it get canceled, as so many had been in the past that hadn't come out from the Big Two. This issue got me, I was a fan and quickly went out and grabbed all the back issues I could find. It's one of my
favorites of the 90s and of all.

The story was great whimsical fun with more than one cameo in it from pop culture. *cough Optimus Prime* It gave a great intro into the characters of Gina and Cheetah as well as a glimpse at their sister Brianna and their father and mother. Add to that Penny and it was a nice start. Well paced with plenty of humor and playing with the mythos of Leprechauns. Tongue in cheek is a good way to describe it. It was more then just a cartoon, Saturday morning or otherwise with all the dialog and plot. It was also more then an anime either but it definitely more.

The art was sweet. Clean with good lines and detail with a cartoon quality that if you like Spectacular Spider-Man or Batman - Brave and the Bold plus a good dose of anime, it's for you. Fred Perry's ability to do exaggerated facial expressions are right up there with Kevin Maguire and like Kevin's, embellished the story to another level of enjoyment. I'm a fan of his and this was around the start of his best black & white art period. Clean and stylish with energy to give it the simplest description.

This one got me started on what is, or so I think, one of the best titles of the 90s and now. It's fun, it's silly, it's got all the smatterings of anima and manga a fan could want. Video games, movies of genres we geeks like? Got it, and then some. Saturday morning cartoons from when we were kids, it's theeere. It's got pop culture refs and it gives us a saga. Yup, a saga. We get to see the ups and downs of the lives of three sisters and their families and friends too. High adventure and some very silly low adventures. A huge
supporting cast of foes and friends, oh yeah, it's got it! CHECK IT OUT ALREADY!!!!!

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