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Cleaning the Plate for 3/18/09 - Spoilers

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, March 23 2009 and posted in Reviews
From big and dark to tiny and lite, surprises for this reviewer abounded this week.


darkavengers3.jpgDark Avengers #3

One thing you can always say about Mr. Bendis; no matter what he does, he always gets a passionate response. Dark Avengers is still another book in the every growing number of titles that he is creating for Marvel. This issue continues the conflict with the newest Avengers (the bad ones that are suppose to be good but really aren’t) and Morgan le Fay; all thanks to the partnership between Osborne and Doctor Doom. When this book was announced I was less than enthused about it. Although I’m not on the Bendis bandwagon, I also have no problem admitting when I enjoy something he does (Ultimate Spider-Man being one). So I’m not ashamed to say that Dark Avengers could possibly be another book that I was originally wrong about. From the very beginning of this issue with the discussion between Norman and the Sentry (a character I still can’t stand), to the final moment when Doom and Patriot confront Morgan, this issue was fun Bendis. The Bendis that I enjoy. I hope this book continues to surprise and entertain me. My Score: B


Spider-Man Noir #4

Thank you David Hine and team for a very enjoyable mini-series that gave a nice “Elseworlds” flavor to the Marvel Universe. I didn’t think it would work, I said so several times, and once again I was proven wrong. Although I was not thrilled with a Peter that is willing to kill, I just remind myself that this is a re-imagining of a classic story in a time filled with a different type of villain. Well-drawn, well-crafted series. I highly suggest this when it comes out in trade. My Score: B+


outsiders16.jpgOutsiders #16

In the offices of DC Comics I’m sure Geoff Johns name is probably revered by some and mumbled with jealousy by others, but while Mr. Johns is getting the credit he does deserve, Mr. Peter Tomasi is pumping out some of the best stuff DC has to offer – and he deserves the praise as well. He’s taken a book that has had more ups and downs then Madonna’s sex life and turned it back around. This team is a work in progress, thanks to Alfred Pennyworth, and we are only scraping the surface of what I think is in store. The highlight of this issue had to be Metamorpho’s explanation of why Batman chose who he did for his final team. Strong characters, fun plot, and a subtle humor makes this book flow like only on other DC has: Secret Six. My Score: A-


X-Force #13

Here’s another example of how I have been proven wrong about a book. I snubbed my nose at the idea of this incarnation of X-Force for so many reasons; most especially the fact that it just seemed to be another showcase for Wolverine to be a bloody killing machine. And it’s taken me a while to get into it as well, but one year after the first issue came on the shelves, I find myself looking forward to every issue. Compelling use of characters once thought to be long dead, as well as the use of heroes that we haven’t seen in a while (Elixer comes to mind right off the bat), makes this X book right up there with both X-Factor and X-Men: Legacy. Two plots come together here as the Leper Queen reveals her plot and the Force heads off to save Cable and Hope. A well crafted series that has surprised me. I’m once again proud to be wrong. My Score: B+


Supergirl #39

Talk about a comeback kid. Two years ago this was probably one of the biggest jokes in the comic industry. Now it’s being very close to becoming a must read. Say what you want about this New Krypton story, but it has done wonders in revitalizing this character and this book. The mystery of the new Superwoman continues with a twist that makes the reader wonder even more who she is... or even what she is. I’m glad I didn’t give up on this series. My Score: B


Vigilante #4

Sometimes you can go home again. Marv Wolfman, half of the legendary duo that created “The New Teen Titans” over twenty-five years ago, is trying to prove that with his new monthly title: Vigilante. This has all Marv has been great at; an anti-hero who is seeking redemption, mob bosses with their hidden agenda’s, and the Titans. Unfortunately, this is a home with all its doors and windows left wide open. There’s nothing horribly original yet, everything has been done before, and the generic mobsters all seem pretty generic. The addition of Penguin and The Whale should make it more exciting, but it hasn’t so far. Now we have the added bonus of the new Vigilante involved in the forth version of “Find Joey” a Titans annual event. I LOVE Mr. Wolfman, the man is my hero of comics, and I hope this book picks up, I really do, but tying it into the debacle that is called Titans may not be the right move to keep his home from going into foreclosure. My Score C-


Tiny Titans #14

In a world full of Dark Reigns and Blackest Nights, nothing shines as bright in the comic industry these days than Tiny Titans. It’s an absolute breath of fresh air and a book I wish more people read. I recommend saving it to the very end of your weekly comic reading experience. It’s a great way to decompress after an evening of death, destruction or (heaven forbid) Grant Morrison. Fun for both adults and kids, Baltazar and Franco have made this book full of tongue in cheek humor that playfully pokes fun of the DC Universe, without talking down to the kids that are reading this title as well. Making it accessible for everyone. Get on the Tiny Titans bandwagon. You’ll love the ride. My Score: A


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