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Cleaning the Plate for 4/22/09 - Spoilers

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, April 27 2009 and posted in Reviews
Another week another batch of goodness (mostly).


jla32.jpgJustice League of America #32

Something has happened to the world’s greatest superhero team. They’ve become boring. I’m not sure why since we’ve got the terrific writing of Dwayne McDuffie and awesome pencils of Rag Morales. Yet this seems to be another issue where everything is spinning its wheels. Superman and Dinah talk. John Stewart and Vixen talk. Firestorm and Dr. Light (the good one, not the bad one) talk. They all seem to be talking about if there should be a Justice League without the major three. Huh, I thought Aquaman already proved that could be done, without six of the major seven. About two-thirds through the story, we actually get to a plot when Firestorm and Dr. Light go to see Shadow Thief, only to have him waiting for them so he can escape. In the process he reveals that he is the carrier of his master (Shadow Thief has a Master?), Starbreaker! The two of them escape and Dr. Light follows. To be continued. Sure, okay. Great art, great characterization; now please give us an epic storyline that this team can sink their teeth into. My Score: C+


amazingspiderman592.jpgAmazing Spider-Man #592

As much as I want to find something horrible about this issue... I can’t. In fact, this was absolute fun from beginning to end. Now that Jameson is Mayor of the Big Apple, he’s even more determined to drive Spidey out of town, and though Peter does his best to bury the hatchet; realizing that neither of them are ever leaving town soon, but to no avail. In fact, he discovers that J.J.J. has actually hired a SWAT team to chase him down. So Spider-Man retaliates by spending three days of nothing but good deeds; making sure his name stays in the paper. It drives Jonah nuts. It’s actually very entertaining. Throw in a tense moment between Jonah and his dad as well as a rather “tense” moment between Peter, Aunt May and Jonah Sr. and you’ve got a recipe for something Spider-Man has been missing with all its high drama – fun! My Score: A-


supergirl40.jpgSupergirl #40

This issue has one of the best, one of the most shocking cliffhangers I’ve seen in ages. To me, it rivals the X-Factor cliffhanger from a couple of months ago. The answer to Who Is Superwoman was not what I expected, and although I’m not sure if it makes sense or not, I’m game to find out. This book just keeps rocking every month. Who would have thought it would be careening towards issue 50. Not me, that’s for sure. It’s times like this that I’m glad I held out and kept buying. It actually has built into a solid read. My Score: B


trinity47.jpgTrinity #47

We’re winding down now and cranking up on the third installment of DC’s weekly comic. Busiek and Nicieza have done an awesome job and as the world teeters on complete annihilation, the Trinity (now God like) fight for their old world. At the same time they are slowly discovering their humanity again as all of their friends continue to help and support them. There are so many great moments in this issue that it’s hard to choose just one. Enigma brings the Crime Syndicate back to help the Justice League and friends. Lex Luthor appears with the answer to the problem and knows that only Batman even borders in his league of intelligence to figure it out. The combination of Alfred, Lois, Dick and Donna who take the information and get it to their old friends; any of these alone would be worth the read. Cram them all in the same issue and it’s amazing. My Score: B+


mightyavengers24.jpgThe Mighty Avengers #24

This issue was very similar to this week’s Spider-Man in that the team (with the help of Loki/The Scarlet Witch) spent most of the time in the public’s eye while causing Norman Osborne to pull his hair out in frustration. The difference between the two was obviously in tone. Where Spidey was very light hearted, TMA is much darker. Dan Slott is continuing to deliver in both story and character. This is still, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. My Score: B


xforce14.jpgX-Force #14

I’m a DC man at heart but right now Marvel is kicking it old school and Messiah War is just one more example of this. The birth of the first mutant child since M Day (you know, the reincarnation of Jean Grey – you heard it here first, folks. I’m calling it) is coming to a violent head as Wolverine and crew are in a future that is also housing Stryfe, Apocalypse and Deadpool (in fine form, I might add). If you aren’t reading this riveting crossover, I suggest you think about picking it up when it comes out in trade. Not only is it a great story, but for the first time since the two-tone brown uniform, Logan actually has one that looks good on him! My Score: B


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