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Cleaning the Plate for 5/6/09 - Spoilers

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, May 11 2009 and posted in Reviews
Event free week with books you might have missed.


Strange Adventures #3

Adam Strange, Captain Comet, The Weird, and Bizarro. With a line up like that you would expect this great epic, and you’d be right... but so far this isn’t it. The third mini in the Starlin series, this one already feels as though its flame is flickering out before it’s even started. Synnar is now The Weird and The Weird is now eating planets. Bizarro is out there doing something that seems to involve Lady Styx. Don’t get me wrong, the characters are written solid enough and still fun to read, but the plot seems to be meandering along. Perhaps it will pick up, I hope so, but right now it seems to be the weakest of the three. My Score: C-


The Invincible Iron Man #13

I’ve once again become a fan of Tony Stark and it’s all thanks to Matt Fraction! Although I will have to say that Bendis’ bigger picture must be acknowledged as well. Placing Tony in a position where he is on the run has once again turned him sympathetic as well as making him take stock in all his choices during the Civil War. Fraction is also excellent in his approach to Osborne as well; following Bendis’ lead. It’s apparent that they are on the same wavelength here. The return of Madame Masque is excellent and makes perfect sense as well. I love when old enemies can be used in new ways, and it makes sense. Pepper Potts is the only weak point for me; turning her into an Iron Maiden just seems a bit redundant. We’ve already been down that road with Tony’s close friends. Still, it is well written and as entertaining as the other stories. Iron Man has never been better. My Score: B+


The Network #1

If this is the direction of any of the new Bat titles, I’m SO there! Oracle leads the charge with a team of favorites including Huntress, Manhunter, Batgirl, and Ragman. Nicieza deserves to have these characters placed in his capable hands for the foreseeable future; he has got these characters down perfectly. He even has me liking Misfit! MISFIT!!!  In a week where all the praise seems to have fallen on War of Kings (and deservedly so), I’m afraid this little gem got lost in the shuffle. If it’s still on the shelves when you go back to your shop, buy it! You will not be disappointed. And a plea to DC, give us this book until Bruce comes back and I swear you’ll make many fans happy. My Score: A+


New Mutants #1

Yes folks, the original New Mutants are gathering together again, and though I wasn’t a real fan the first time, I’m impressed with the first issue of this second creation. Perhaps because they’ve gotten a little older, or I’ve grown fonder of Sam, Roberto, Illyana, and Dani, who knows, but I’m glad to see them back. Wonderful character work here (especially the scene between Sam and Scott). The revelation of Legion as the cliffhanger was excellent as well. But one thing I wasn’t happy about: If you’re going to show Doug Ramsey on the cover, put him in the book! My Score: B


Daredevil Noir #2

Honestly, when it comes to these noir books you would think that Daredevil was made for this genre, wouldn’t you? So why exactly does it feel so flat. Where X-Men and Spider-Man brought a cool sense of style and fun, Daredevil just seems boring and dark for dark’s sake. Perhaps Daredevil has always been noir? That would explain why this one seems to have fallen on its face. My Score: D


The Mighty #4

Four issues in and I’m still not sure what to make of this title. Every month I’m on the fence if I want to buy the next issue or not, and every month I do. Solid in both writing and art, it still doesn’t seem to be anything overly impressive; however, the final page of this issue could be a turning point I’ve been waiting for. Yeah, I’ll keep buying this for now... My Score: C+


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