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Review Group Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #1

Written by John Martin on Tuesday, May 12 2009 and posted in Reviews

Daringd had the pick for new comics shipping May 6th and he selected Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #1 by Matt Sturges, Freddie Williams II and The Hories.

The Review Group is a collection of posters who get together each week to discuss comics and post our reviews for a comic that we each take turns selecting.  Our threads can be found in The Outhouse’s Newstand forum and is open for anyone and everyone to participate in.

fc-run1.jpgThere's no doubt that event burnout has effected the Review Group just like it has every other comics fan on the internets.  Can Run! avoid the dreaded post-event tie-in apathy running rampant at the moment?  Let's find out...

Review by Chubbles

I'll start by saying I thought Final Crisis sucked and outside of Green Lantern anything in the main DCU right now does not interest me in the slightest bit. This weeks review book thus had me questioning whether I would participate and I figured it would definitely suck. I was pleasantly surprised with how little this book actually sucked. It was actually a pretty solid read and the art (although not a style I normally like) was very fitting. I like reading books from the bad guys perspective and this human flame guy was pretty funny. I think I'll be sticking this mini out although I really don't care much about what the outcome will be but it does seem like it could be a fun ride.

Story 8

Art 7

Overall 7.5
Review by Daringd

This was either going to be ____ or something great. Thank god it was the latter. This was fun if not unnecessary I mean who cares about Human Flame? But Sturges makes it interesting makes me look forward to the next 5 issues. Williams II does a great job on art about half way into reading this I realized he did the latter half of the Mister Miracle S7 book. The book actually got me interested in the Human Flame and that surprised me. Check this book out lots of great stuff here.


Review by thefourthman

Wow that was awesome!!! Holy shit, who would of thunk Final Crisis could be such a turd but its aftermath would be so cool. Now I am really excited about these books whereas before I was kind of just getting them because I am crazy DC Fanboy guy.

Story 8
Art 8
Overall 8

To read thefourthman's full review go here:

Review by doombug

Wow the human flame was actually just made into an interesting character. I cannot believe this. The caliber of writing on this book was high, as each page really kept you guessing to see just how bad things would get. From meeting up with an old partner to mixing it up with his family, miller proves to be a scumbag, a smart man but definitely a scumbag.

The shootout at the fast food restaurant was the highlight of the issue though as it really kept me guessing just how bad things would get. God that mascot never saw it coming. Oh and the curveball with the family made me laugh pretty hard. Surprised the word asshole wasn't blocked out as it is in every other book. This is in line with secret six but the lead character plays more like a scumbag then even they'd be shocked at.


Review by ThrillHouse

For someone as potentially uninteresting as The Human Flame, I was surprised to be intrigued by him in Final Crisis: Run #1.

The issue starts off with a nurse being punched, has a burned mascot in the middle and a bicycle being stolen. All caused by the Human Flame. Matt Sturges is on writing duties here and walks a delicate line between over the top funny and annoying. But Sturges does it well and makes the Flame not only a giant asshole, but makes him a likable asshole.

Freddie Williams does an amazing job on art, providing great flame details and all the body hair a person could possibly want in a comic book.

A fun, yet quick, read. Final Crisis: Run #1 sets up what looks to be a fun mini.


Review by Punchy

Story - Huh, this was actually pretty good. I'm known as one of the biggest Final Crisis haters on the site, that was just a truly awful comic, indicative of pretty much all that's wrong with modern DC Comics, and Grant Morrison's recent work, just dire. And for that reason I swore off getting any of these 'Aftermath' mini-series, no matter how good the creative teams were (And Sturges and Joe Casey are good writers, so that took some thought), and I was looking forward to a Final Crisis-free year, but no! DaringD had to go and choose one, and since I'm not a wuss like DeLarge who skips a week because he doesn't like it wah wah wah, I had to buy it, forced, with a gun to my head. You Bastards, you actually did it, you bastards.

But as I said, it was actually decent! Score one for you DaringD! The book stars Mike Miller, aka The Human Flame. Don't know who that is? He was that fat guy from Final Crisis who killed Martian Manhunter (Yeah, I know) and then got butt-raped into evil by Libra, he's got a moustache and fire powers. After a brief recap of that stuff, the book does what it says on the tin, as Mike run(!)s. He punches a nurse in the face, we see far more body hair than anyone could want, he tussles with the Kryzyzgznszztstsi Mob (That fake country was ridiculous! Is it from the 5th Dimension? Heh, Mxyzptlk humour), sets fire to a mascot, steals his daughter's bike and then blows up. Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

The thing I liked about this book was that it got down to business, it was like one continuing action scene, it didn't let up for a moment, even when you expected it to, you think, oh God, touching family scene, show he's not that bad a guy... no wait, he's a dick, yeah! Run! Too often these days DC books are too ponderous and deferential, not so here, since the book is about a villain, Sturges can play fast and loose with the character, and really have fun with it, the running interior monologue helped with this, getting Human Flame's perspective really colours events in an interesting way, this was very down and dirty for a DC book, and if you discount the flame suit and Green Lantern and Firestorm showing up, it could have been a straight action crime-story, what it reminded me off was high-octane movies like Crank (although probably more realistic, even with Green Lantern!), just a heap of mindless fun.

So there you have it, FCA: Run! is a pleasant surprise, turn off your brain, there's no pretentious channel-hopping multiverse bullshit here, just a bad dude doing bad things to bad people. It could be the kick in the nuts DC needs, and I am interested in seeing where it goes, the cover to #2 has a Nazi on it, so I expect shit to get weird, but I hope it doesn't lose it's pace.

Art - Freddie Williams II is a pretty unique artist, his faces look kind of weird, with really small eyes, but that doesn't matter, what matters is that the art is fast paced enough to go with the story, and I think it is. My only real complaint is the colouring where Firestorm is white for some reason. The white Firestorm is one dead Honky.

Best Line - 'It ain't just nipples, buddy!'


Review by starlord

Have to pretty much agree with everyone so far. Hated Final Crisis with a passion, but this one issue actually made up for some of that. This is a character that has little if any real compassion for anyone (proven when he goes to visit his daughter and wife - best moment of the story for me). I love how this man who was such an integral part of the murder of Martian Manhunter can actually come across as both cruel, cold, and calculating, and you still end up kind of rooting for the guy. That's a sign of a very good writer.

Story: 8
Art: 8
My Score: Let's say... 8

Review by amlah6

Despite the fact that I like both of the creators on this book, there's no way I would have picked this up if not for the Review Group. Crossovers, events, tie-ins, whatever... unless it's a Marvel cosmic I'm not interested.

Sturges has been writing some great comics over the last couple of years on House of Mystery and Jack of Fables. I've been enjoying his comics work so much I'm even reading his fantasy novel Midwinter and it's pretty fun as well.

Run feels a lot like the super villain equivalent of Jack of Fables. Total scumbaggy character doing deplorable things, but you end up rooting for him anyway. This was a light, but fun read with good fast pacing to match the title. More DC comics should have nipple flames.

I became a fan of Freddie Williams during his run on Robin and I enjoyed his art in this issue. The action scenes were well put together and with a couple of exceptions his noses weren't as funky as they used to be.

Story: 8
Art: 8
Overall: 8

Review by King Impulse

Just a quick review. Everything that everyone's praising I didn't like. It doesn't feel like it's a story, it's just big moment after big moment after big moment and I'd like a little more from my comics. Irredeemable characters can be fun, look at Eric O'Grady, but Miller is an actual villain. Not a big, grandiose villain like Doom, but an actual real-life villain, the kind you see on the news, and I don't want to read a comic that makes me try and root for him.

Freddy Williams always feels off, it looks good but there's something I can't really put my finger on, all his people look kinda, mushy, like not fully solid. I bet he'd draw an awesome Clayface though

Story - 4
Art - 6
Overall - 5

Review by guitarsmashley

meh, kind of a throw away issue. I didn't really care for it or the character or his body hair. He's an asshole I get it he's a shlub I don't care,



That gives Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #1 a group score a very respectable 7.09.

For further discussion about this issue and our reviews, feel free to join us in this week's thread ( found in the Newstand forum where you are also invited to join the group by posting your own review.

McKegan has the pick for May 13th and he has selected The Unwritten #1 from Vertigo/DC.  Look for the new thread after it becomes available Wednesday morning to join in on the fun.

The Unwritten #1

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross
Cover by Yuko Shimizu

Everyone's read the Tommy Taylor books, the popular series of novels turned pop culture phenomenon about a boy wizard's adventures. And everyone knows about Tom Taylor, the boy the novels were based on, whose life was so overshadowed by his Dad's fictional epic that Tom's become a lame Z-level celebrity at best and a human viral marketing tool at worst.

But what if the resemblance goes even deeper? What if Tom is the boy-wizard of the books made flesh? And if that sounds crazy, why is it bringing him into the crosshairs of an ancient faction that has never been named in any book or text?

To discover the truth about himself, Tom must search through all the places in history where fiction and reality have intersected. And in the process, he'll learn more about that unwritten cabal and the plot they're at the center of –– a plot that spans all of literature from the first clay tablets to the gothic castles where Frankenstein was conceived to the self-adjusting stories of the internet.

A conspiracy mystery a la The Da Vinci Code, THE UNWRITTEN is the eagerly anticipated reunion of Mike Carey (X-Men, HELLBLAZER) and Peter Gross (FABLES, Chosen) – the team behind the multiple Eisner-nominated LUCIFER. Acclaimed artist Yuko Shimizu (SANDMAN: DREAM HUNTERS) joins the duo on covers, and the series kicks off with a 4-issue opening story arc with the extra-sized 40-page debut promo-priced at only $1.00!

Vertigo | 40pg. | Color | $1.00 US | Mature Readers



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