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Spectacular Spider-Man 2.09: Probable Cause

Written by Zechs on Sunday, June 07 2009 and posted in Reviews

The Enforcers back and are now all super powered up thanks to a high tech boast from the Tinkerer. Can Spidey stop their crime spree?

* For those who wish to see the second season of Spectacular Spider-Man. It hasn't aired yet in the US, but the show's first season is currently airing on Toon Disney. The second season will finally debut on June 22, 2009 with back to back episodes. For those in Canada, you've already seen all of Season Two on Teletoon and can rub it in US viewers' faces.   


It's very interesting how the writers of this show have used the one and done episode on this show a lot and yet how it connects to the larger story arc it's in. With all the possibility of a gang war looming, this episode marks the return of Tombstone aka the Big Man of crime. Knowing he's already outgunned with various super criminals aligning with Doc Ock, and who knows what Silvermane might throw at him, Tombstone recruits the very first gang he hired to start another crime spree, the Enforcers. This time however, they're all powered up with technology (Ox has literal power suit, but is still Ox. Fancy Dan is more mobile he's been given the name Ricochet. Then there's the Enforcer who started all this, Shocker, who helps hone their skills). All and all this is a far more refined and actual team compared to the Sinister Six. Moreover that’s good, because this episode uses that teamwork to the best degree it can. You almost can feel they can pull whatever crime they can and squash Spidey while doing it.



As for the B plot, Pete is stuck with, Sally Avril. The same Sally Avril, who other than Flash Thompson probably made Pete's High School life a living hell. And given that all we've ever known about her is, "CRUSH NERDS! NERDS BAD!" And that's about it. So it's good to see we get some character exposition with her in this episode. Not surprisingly, we find out she's not totally heartless and even being with Peter show's that there is some goodness in her. Just that the whole highschool clique thing has warped her into being who she is. Again, that's another positive that this show has done thus far. Every single supporting cast member is brimming with dimension. Nobody is truly made of cardboard. These characters act as if any human would. And aren't all one note, though before you say Hobbie Brown. You know the writers are doing this on purpose and he'll get to say something at the right moment. But for poor Hobbie it appears that moment won't come till probably the season finale or right before.

But again back to the characters we're shown that as well with Flash and Harry in this episode as well. With the former discovering that, Harry was juiced in the first season. The choice Flash make's in the episode is a surprising one, it should be very interesting where this plot point goes with Flash for the remainder of the series when it's in high school. Though on the plus side for him it does improve his relations with Sha Shan. Also, this does send a good message to those current sports players and the right thing to do.

Even Hammerhead gets more exposition in this episode too though it's rather brief for all three minutes he shares the screen. But their very crucial ones. Ones that maybe shaping a fourth player in this gang war. It should be very interesting where this take's us next episode.


But back to the main plot of the story with the New Enforcers. The ultimate scheme of their's and how it's carried out is quite brilliant actually. It had me guessing just what truly where they after. As for their fights with Spider-Man and eventually law enforcement, once again it the people behind this show, make sure the officers of the law aren't as poorly equipped to handle these super powered threats as they used to be in Season One. As for the relationship with Pete and George Stacy. Well once more, the good captain covers for him when he has to suit up as Spidey.

All and all, the episode delivered some fun entertaining action. About the only downer with the episode is that the Enforcers have a good clear shot to stall the wall-crawler as they did previously, yet don't for fear of Tombstone. I mean, honestly their a ton of stories down with no officers of the law for back up with Spidey going in alone and they decide to pull out? Kinda surprising there guys. Still, by that gap of logic the episode holds.

4.0 out of 5


Spectacular Trivia


- Sally Avril actually did appear in the Spider-Man comics, first appearing WAY back in Amazing Fantasy #15. It wasn't until Untold Tales of Spider-Man did her character get more fleshed out. Much like she was in the cartoon, she was part of the popular clique involved with Flash Thompson. Though, unlike the cartoon Sally and her boyfriend, Jason Ionello where thrill seekers. It was because of this, and her being smitten with Spider-Man that Sally tried to become a superhero called Blue Bird. Her career was very disastrous almost costing her and Spidey's life several times. Tragically, she never learned and in her zeal, both her and Jason while in a car blew a red light and where struck by an oncoming bus. Jason had mild head trauma. Sally alas, didn't make it. She died in Untold Tales of Spider-Man #13.

-The two cops, Officers Jean DeWolff and Stan Carter, who are with Flash Thompson and Harry Osborn should be very familiar to comic book fans of Spidey. Both relationships are very well connected, as Jean was very sympatric of the wall-crawler. However, that all ended when the Sin-Eater ended her life. Spidey, with the help of Daredevil brought the rampage of terror the Sin-Eater caused only to be revealed as another officer of the law, Stan Carter. He had an affair with DeWolff and when his partner died, he blamed her and the justice system for it. Jean DeWolff first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #48. The famous story involving her death and the debut of the Sin-Eater was in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #107-110.

- The Enforcers also eventually became super powered in the comics. However, if you truly do wish to read the story involving them it's in Web of Spider-Man #98-100. The outer circle included Blitz, Dragon Man, Dreadnought, Eel, Plantman, Super-Adaptoid, Tangle, Thermite, and the Vanisher. When they where all defeated it was revealed there was an inner circle of them that included the Controller, Madame Menace, Mentallo, Fixer, and Mister Fear. However, after being revealed as such the plot never went anywhere after that. So yeah best just to forget them other than being the inspiration to the Enforcers in this episode.

- Ricochet was actually an identity created by Spider-Man himself in the comics when he was framed for murder and had to lay low. In the role, Spidey was a crook for hire who worked with the gang led by the Rose III and side-by side with hitwoman Delliah. The identity was then picked up by teenager Johnny Gallo, who has remained in the identity since. The identity with Spidey in it debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #434 and lasted till the next issue. While Johnny Gallo inherited the role in Slingers #0. The other three identities Spidey used during the storyline where Dusk, Hornet, and Prodigy. It should be interesting to see if these remaining three are picked up down the line.




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