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Bloodstrike issue #1 (1993)

Written by Cat-Scratch on Monday, August 24 2009 and posted in Reviews
1catsratchlogo.jpgHere Cat-Scratch takes a look at one of Image comics earlier spin offs from Rob Liefeld's Youngblood, Bloodstirke.

Bloodstrike issue #1.
Published by Image Comics in 1993.
Story Written  and Layouts by Rob Liefeld
Penciled by Dan Fraga
Inked by Danny Miki


The Story :

The team begins to rendezvous at their latest mission's location, we are introduced to the team. Cabbot the leader, Fourplay, Deadlock, Tag and Roam the teleporter. They begin to enter the secret installation they've been sent to destroy. Guards are quickly killed and they continue deeper into the structures. Cabbot and Tag meet a strong armed resistance,
Commander Corben and a host of heavily armed guards. It's here when, as Corben makes threats, that the final member of
Bloodstrike enters the room, Shogun. Shogun's hulking robotic form begins to sprout numerous cannons and hell is let loose
from them. The guards are slaughtered, but Corben proves to be just a hologram. Cabbot, Tag and Shogun leave the room to meet up with Deadlock and Fourplay, outside. There they begin to ponder why they were sent there, thanks to some of the things Corben had said. Then Corben, the real one shows, he laughs at them as he reveals that he had given them the mission.
He had wanted to them to prove his abilities to his superiors. Corben is quickly and fatally dealt with. The team return to their home, their mission completed. Cabbot reviews it, chaffing that they had been used again. He begins to run down on what the next mission could be, it's taking on Brigade and we learn that Cabbot is also Battlestone's brother.

The Review :

This was a title I picked up to find out more on these characters as they had shown up in Youngblood. I was disappointed as it was just another flat and boring cliched comic from Image. I can't say anything got me interested in the characters nor the concept other then it being the black ops version of Youngblood, but then, here it really didn't show that much
beyond some dialog indicating that they were acting on National Security orders.

The story was flat, boring and not much different then that of a toy commercial for action figures. Little to nothing is given to flesh out the characters other then to show them as a bunch of killers for thrills or what they could do and with Cabbot, a grouse. There was meager plot to get interested about and it could read by just ignoring the words and following the images.

The art was typical of Rob Liefeld, but also was an introduction to Dan Fraga's. It was a little better perhaps then Brigade had been, but not much more then that. In sense I was left thinking, once you see a Rob Liefeld comic, you've seen them all.
The addition of another artist helped barely and in some ways, left me feeling a bit cheated. All Rob or no Rob please and also, it'd have been nice to have seen Dan Fraga do his own and not ape Rob. Oh well.

I wasn't impressed by this comic back then when I first got it as it came out and I still think little of it. This ended being nothing more then a part of one of Rob Liefeld's crossovers at the time and that I was following. That's it, beyond that I could only recommend this on it being thought of as a curiosity piece for early Dan Fraga or the early Image titles.
Still, a pity. I liked the vague concept of a government run black ops team, a flip side to Youngblood.

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