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The Muppet Show: The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson #2

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, August 26 2009 and posted in Reviews
Story by Roger Langridge
Art by Roger Langridge
Cover by Roger Langridge
PublisherBoom! Studios


muppetshow-treasure2.jpgThis is going to be a medium review. What's a medium review? Well it isn't going be rare or especially well done. DO-HO-HO-HO!!!

Being a child of the 1980s it was a special time. You had the greatest cartoons in the morning and afternoon, then at night you get to watch the Muppets. Almost thirty years and the jokes on the show are still as fresh as ever whenever I watch them on You Tube (namely anything involving the Swedish Chef and Statler and Waldorf). So it was a surprise to me to find that Boom Studios has brought back the property in comic book form. So I dove at the chance at reading this. And with what I read I was pleasantly surprised. I have even expected some special guest to walk through the doors with all the hijinks going on. The writer, Roger Langridge, captures the show that good.

The comic perfectly captures the skit and voices of these characters perfectly. From the newsman to Beeker. With each speech bubble their persona is perfectly captured. As for the art (also done by Langridge) it's not what I was expecting but it captures the Muppet Show world quite nicely. The first thing you'll notice of course is the freedom of movement these characters have on the live action show (given obviously they where puppets). In every scene, Langridge make's it his mission to show you that the characters in this book aren't hampered by any sort of puppeteer.

So what about the jokes? Well there's a famous play on a famous Muppet song with a new end. I have to say it works and I had to look it up on You Tube again right after it. Then there's of course the Beeker and Honeydue skit which was gold. I was chuckling massively at it knowing all too well this wasn't going to end well with poor Beeker. As for the main plot it's very Muppety the insanity that some pirate would leave treasure buried in this theater. Thus any fan who grew up on this show will no doubt be at home with everything that goes on in this issue.

About the only negatives I could say of this issue would be Kermit. He just seems off to me. And it isn't the fact he wears clothes, it's more his face it just seems off to me. The gag with the mirror involving him is classic and works. Though every time, other than that scene something just felt off in Kermit's looks. Maybe it's the way Langridge drew his face I cannot say just that it was off for me and worth noting.

The other would be the lack of Statler and Waldorf. One panel with them in this book, and I hunger for more. I know it's a minor nit pick by me but they where always the ones who ended the sketch with their witty lines. It just seems off that they appear once when there's more than one skit in this book. So does that bring down the book? Hardly, but you're almost expecting a witty line from the pair at the bottom of the page and once it's there again you're wishing there was more. I'm not saying the rats who fill in aren't bad, but compared to the pro duo of zingers they just aren't the best to fill those spots. Though they do allow more freedom compared to the fact Statler and Waldorf are forever imprisoned in their booth.

So first issue I've read this does this mean I'll continue on? Yes. I'll probably even go back and get the first issue. That's the fun thing Langridge does with this issue. If you're a fan of the Muppet Show you don't have to get too well into the story. It's just simple enough for anyone to get into. Fun stuff across the board.

3 out of 5


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