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District 9 Movie Review - Spoilers

Written by Steve O on Friday, September 04 2009 and posted in Reviews

A review of the movie District X, still in theaters now.

Hi Gentlemen (and Ladies),
Steve-O here. The reason for my presence is to give you all a review for District 9, which hit theaters a few weeks ago. Directed by Neill Blomkamp and "presented by" Peter Jackson, District 9 tells the story of space aliens who came to this planet around 20 years ago. The aliens are stranded on Earth and become refugees after a piece of their huge ship, which is hovering over Johannesburg, South Africa, falls off and mysteriously disappears. The aliens, now called prawns (which is meant to be derogatory) live in shacks in the area known as District 9 and are causing trouble and widespread violence throughout the city. Humans have had enough of the aliens or "nonhumans" and want the issue resolved. Enter Multi-National United (or MNU), a private company that shows no mercy for how they treat the aliens. MNU has decided to relocate the aliens to District 10 and go door to door in District 9 with military force and eviction notices. Led by Wikus van der Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley), Wikus is promoted partially because of his track record and because he is married to the daughter of the head of MNU.

While doing a search of an alien's house, Wikus finds a canister and upon inspecting it, gets sprayed with a liquid. He quickly becomes infected with a mutation and finds himself from being the hunter to being the hunted. The story quickly changes how the audience is supposed to look at the situation.

Overall, the movie was a great sci-fi story. Most of the movie is set in a documentary style, then switches to violent sci-fi/action, all while mixing in drama. While D-9 had a few of the shaky camera moments (see Cloverfield), it is vary rare and not that bad. Blomkamp based the story on another short story that he directed in 2005 called Alive in Joburg, which follows a similar format. The aliens are CGI, but they are not the crappy CGI like you would see on made for TV movies, so the film makes them appear real. The film also addresses the aliens as an enemy then later, as you see more of the horrors of what MNU has been doing while seeing the true living conditions of the aliens, you find yourself on the side of the aliens. The one big area that helps D-9 is despite there being no A-list stars, the film's cast carries it well. You have the Nigerians who are only interested in the aliens weaponry and believe that eating an alien will turn you into one (turns out not be the case), MNU, who turn out to be very corrupt and had horrors in the basement (literally), and then you have the aliens as well as Wikus, who finds himself being slowly being transformed and having to be hunted by both Nigerians and MNU.

If you like to see original stories, especially a sci-fi or suspenseful film, then I highly recommend District 9. This film with an unknown cast is recommended due to how smart and strong the film turns out to be.


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