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Cleaning the Plate for 9/16/09

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, September 21 2009 and posted in Reviews

A real mixed bag this week. {nomultithumb}

batgirl2.jpgBatgirl #2

Wish I could say I really enjoy this book, but two issues in and I’m already asking that immortal question: “Is that all there is?” As Stephanie continues her need to be Batgirl, Barbara continues to fight her all the way. Yes, there’s a bit of action to showcase what Steph knows and what she has yet to learn, but issue two is, at heart, much like issue one – a lot of soul searching. Does Stephanie have what it takes to be the new Batgirl? Does she really have a death wish? Can she prove that she has the right to slip on the boots? Blah blah blah. Although it’s great to see Oracle in any book, I’m really thrown off by the idea that perhaps Barbara is trying to stop Stephanie because she is jealous. Say what? Why was she never jealous of the much missed Cassandra? Makes no sense to me. Bottom line though, Stephanie reminds me of a softer, gentler, but just as whiny, Jason Todd. So I’m really not caring what makes her tick at this point. My Score: D+

dr-listdaredevil.jpgDark Reign – The List: Daredevil #1

There’s a joke around the regular’s here at the Outhouse that goes: “This could have been a PM.” That’s exactly what this special issue of The List, could have been. The next issue of Daredevil. With that being said, I did enjoy this issue a great deal. Matt Murdock’s journey as leader of the Hand begins here, but old evil Norman is sending his own Hawkeye in to eliminate our hero before he even begins his tenure. Of course I’m not quite sure why Norman would do that since Bullseye has never actually beaten Daredevil, but let’s not quibble. Does Bullseye win? No... and yes. And he wins in a big way! This was a really enjoyable issue but with the appearance of Kingpin at the end and several pieces of information that continual readers of Daredevil may not want to miss and this should still have been a regular issue: My Score: B

darkavengers9.jpgDark Avengers #9

Although there is a great moment with Sentry (which any of you who know me, means, he gets his ass handed to him) this issue is focused almost entirely on Ares and his son. Bendis actually writes an emotionally acceptable tale here that gives us an inner look at the God of War. In fact, his tale is so well written that the usually scene stealing Nick Fury, is nearly an afterthought. This is really good Bendis. I’m a bit shocked. My Score: A-

ga-bc24.jpgGreen Arrow/Black Canary #24

There’s a huge action sequence where Black Canary rides atop a garbage truck, hurtling towards her destiny. If this comic continues in the vein that it has been going, then that scene is the best analogy ever written in comics. Give us a writer who doesn’t want to throw these two into the past again as soon as they come together. It can be done! Stop being lazy and go for it! My Score: F


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