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Preview and Review of Boom's CAPED TPB

Written by prozacman on Friday, September 25 2009 and posted in Reviews

What make a Hero a Hero? Turns out it’s their Personal Assistant!


Written by Darin Moiselle, Josh Lobis
Drawn by Sebastian Piriz, Yair Herrera
SC, 112 pgs, FC, SRP: .99
ISBN13: 978-1-934506-95-0

“We save them! So they can save the day!” Think your boss is tough? Try working for a superhero! While your boss is out fighting crime, you get the pleasure of scheduling public appearances, getting the dry-cleaning done and keeping a tidy secret lair. Millions would kill to be a superhero’s personal assistant like Jimmy Lohman. Unfortunately, he’s not one of them. A story of capes, cowls and Blackberrys from SOUTH PARK’s Josh Lobis & Darin Moiselle.


The life of a supper hero is hectic.  Balancing saving the world and your secret identity’s day job isn’t easy.  Who has time to polish their gadgets, pick up dry-cleaning, and do time consuming detective work.  That’s why in the word of CAPED, super people employ personal assistants to do the crap they don‘t want to.  The writing team of Darin Moiselle and Josh Lobis show that it is not as easy or glamorous as Alfred and Pepper Pots make it look.

Similar to assistants of Hollywood directors, some assistant’s have to do more work than others.  In CAPED we follow the adventures of Jimmy Lohman.  A wannabe reporter that took a Personal Assistant job until he can get his big brake.  He though he was becoming an assistant to reporter Grant Godfried.    What he didn’t expect was that Grant is really the super hero EDGE!  A hero that is not as super as he once was. 


I would categorize CAPED as a drammedy.  Comedy comes from stopping to smell the absurdity of a world that takes it self to seriously.  The super hero world this story takes place in  mirrors that of the day to day environment of film and television production.  The nitty gritty of what goes into taking care of high maintenance celebrities in our world is what makes it possible for super heroes to save lives in the world of CAPED.  The super hero action and murder mystery are played some what strait.  It’s the culture shock of the point of view character that makes the book funny. 

If I had to compare the writing to other books, I would say it’s in the ball park of Peter David’s more comedic issues of X-Factor.  Not at PAD’s level, but a similar enough feel to recommend to some one that likes PAD’s work.      

Normally I would be giving you more of the story elements, but for this book it would give away to many of the jokes.  


The art is what keeps this book grounded.  Sebastian Piriz and Yair Herrera have a style that I would describe as similar to an early Mark Texeira.  Some what rough with heavy inks.  Not so loose that it becomes slap stick, but not so realistic that it becomes stiff.  It serves the story well.  

Final Thoughts:

CAPED has the comedy styling of movies like Little Miss Sunshine mixed with a police procedural drama.  Instead of pageant contestants and CSI teams, you have super heroes and their assistants.  It is a good TPB to pick up on a slow week or when you have some extra cash.  It’s not top of the stack reading, but it is worth the money. 


8 of 10


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