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Cleaning the Plate for 9/23/09

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, September 28 2009 and posted in Reviews

Two X-Books and reviewing a legend. All in a weeks work.


Uncanny X-Men #515uncannyxmen515.jpg

This issue gives us a little bit of a breather after the mutant’s big battle with the Dark Avengers as well as revealing their newest home: Asteroid M. There’s some very nice character moments in this issue; something that is needed after a big event like “Utopia”. Matt and crew are obviously placing the foundation for the future of the team with more obvious moments like the discussion between Cyclops and Professor X, Cyclops and Emma Frost, and Cyclops and the San Francisco Mayor. As well as more subtle moments, like Beast’s looks of distrust and irritation towards Cyclops. I think I’m beginning to sense a theme, here. The question is now out there: Has Cyclops done the right thing? Will his Utopia hold, and what exactly is he trying to build for his fellow mutants? The art was adequate. I don’t seem to dislike it as much as some, but it isn’t my favorite, either. Either way, the last page and return of the X-Men’s greatest villain is more than enough to bring me back next issue. My Score: B

Power Girl #4powergirl5.jpg

There’s not much blood and guts to this book. No ultra violence or dark anti-heroes that spout off one liners before putting bullets in the bad guys head. Nope, this comic is all about good old fashioned comic book goodness. Between Palmiotti and Gray’s sharp, witty dialogue and story, to Amanda Conner’s brilliant pencils, they’ve created a book for all ages – and this issue is no different. A ship crash lands in Central Park and Power Girl is off on another wacky adventure that entails an exploding ship, and three very sexy alien women who appear to be on the run. Still, the scene that stands out is the little character moment between Karen and her employer Donna. Why is this a great scene, you ask?  Because Amanda Conner steals the page with the cat that the two women are washing. The facial expression of the feline is hilarious. This book has nearly everything that attracted me to comics in the first place. Granted, a little more pathos would be nice, but when read in between stories that start with Dark and Blackest, it’s a welcoming piece of comfort food. My Score: A-

Dark Reign: The List: X-Men #1xmen-thelist.jpg

This is going to be short and sweet and right to the point. Don’t buy it. Do. Not. Waste. The. Money.  Unless you’re a completes or a die hard fan of the Dark Reign storyline, there really isn’t much here. In fact, let me fill you in real quick. Osborne is mad at Namor for turning on him. Osborne reveals that he has Marrina (or the alien that used to be Marrina). He lets the creature loose and she kills a bunch of Atlanteans.  She goes after Namor. Namor “kills” her. He doesn’t feel horrible. The X-Men are in the background. By all appearances Osborne has failed in this attempt. This book does not have the emotional impact that Daredevil’s “List” story had. Nor does it really move the story forward like Avenger’s “List” story. Fraction’s writing is solid. Alan Davis’ art is pretty, but simply put. This book didn’t need to be. My Score: D-

Justice League of America #37jla37.jpg

Let’s give credit where credit is due: Len Wein is one of the all time greats. Look at everything he has helped create in the comic industry: Swamp Thing, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, and of course everyone’s favorite – Wolverine. This is the guy who’s seen it all, done it all, in both of the major companies as well as animation and beyond; which is why I’m going to give this issue, and his arc, a little leeway. If we were living back in the late seventies, early eighties, I have a feeling this would have been a highly entertaining story. Personally, I kind of enjoyed it, though there seemed to be some huge gaffs in character. I enjoy Roulette and The Royal Flush Gang. They were in one of my first issues of Justice League that I ever read. Still, this story did seem a bit flat; except for Plastic Man, he’s cool all the time. My Score: C+


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