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The Spinrack: Retro Review Recap

Written by GLX on Friday, October 02 2009 and posted in Reviews
A brief recap of GLX's retro reviews, before The Spinrack moves into a retro review only format.





Uncanny X-Men #394(2001)

The first issue of Joe Casey and Ian Churchill's run. It features this kick ass villain who has the ability to transport objects into his mind. The writing is nice, though Cyclops is written like a jerk. Art wise, it's standard. Still, this sucker is getting a nice score(partially, due to nostalgia).

8* out of 10*

Global Frequency #7(2003)

God, that was brutal. Warren Ellis and Simon Bisley craft a vicious tale involving a group of terrorists led by a man who thinks that humanity is at its peak when there is war. Thankfully, the Global Frequency is there to stop them. Bisley's art is a bit off kilter, but it suits the story.

8* out of 10*

Fantastic Four #60(2002)

The first issue of Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo's legendary run is an interesting look at what makes the Fantastic Four tick. The writing and art are just charming. Waid clearly knows what makes the group tick. Check it out, even if you have a passing interest in the Fantastic Four.

8.1* out of 10*

Adventures in the DC Universe #1(1997)

Steve Vance and John Delaney deliver a by the numbers tale about the JLA. This version of the JLA is based around Grant Morrison's JLA roster. Every member of the JLA is dealing with a foe of their own(Superman vs. Parasite, Batman vs. Scarecrow, etc.) when they all manage to vanish from the fight. The comic plays it safe, on every front, and the ending doesn't help it at all.

5.1* out of 10*

Youngblood #0(1992)

Ah, the little tale involving the beginnings of Youngblood. Rob Liefeld, Dan Fraga and Danny Miki deliver the typical Liefeld style of art.....which is to say-not good. The writing is pretty crappy. The flashback tale was particularly bad.

3* out of 10*

Additional stuff: I love the fact that the president, circa summer 1988, looks nothing like Ronald Reagan. Cut to 2009 and Barack Obama's likeness is featured in a Youngblood comic. Oi.

Uncanny X-Men #327(1995)

This comic, crafted by Scott Lobdell and Roger Cruz, deals with a mysterious white haired man that appears at a Spanish orphanage that is run by a woman named Sister Maria. The man has no memory of his past, but might have something in common with a popular X-Men rogue. For the most part, the writing manages to be enjoyable. Cruz's pencil work is okay. His style is a bit rough, but he manages to convey the plot without any confusion on the reader's part. Overall, this sucker is lukewarm.

6.2* out of 10*

Billy the Marlin #1(1996)

In this tale by Mark Bernardo and Alex Saviuk, Peter Parker and Mary Jane are at a Florida Marlin's game, with Mary's aunt. Suddenly, Doctor Doom appears to capture Jeff Conine for his elite Latverian baseball team. Unfortunately for Doom, Spiderman and.....Billy the Marlin stand in his way. The writing is so absurd that it's a joy to read. For goodness sakes, Billy the Marlin is spraying doombots, with his water gun. The art is standard fare. It manages to tell the story in a clear fashion, without dazzling the reader. Definately worth a look, if you're looking for a silly comic.

7.8* out of 10*


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