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Cleaning the Plate for 10/7/09

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, October 12 2009 and posted in Reviews

4 DC titles and a big bunch of Marvel babies wrap up the week.


jla-justice4.jpgJustice League: Cry for Justice #4

If there was one writer I would have said really “got” the DC Universe, it would be Mr. Robinson. His Starman was one of the best series I’ve ever read. His JSA Elseworlds were amazing, powerful, and many times, poignant. So it pains me to say that I have been less than enthused with this series, and this issue is just another issue of the same confusing mess. We’re past the halfway point and the team hasn’t even come together yet. Where’s Batwoman? Other than one panel where they showed her missing the team by a couple of seconds, there is no indication that she’s even joining them. The fight between Ollie and Hal and Ray Palmer could have been interesting if the outcome hadn’t been so weird and out of left field. However, he has redeemed himself a bit by bringing in one of his best written characters – The Shade. Not sure why yet, but this could be the one saving grace. Really, I find this to be a mess, but I’m really wondering if this whole mini series hasn’t been revamped when James Robinson found out that he was going to be the new writer for the monthly. Really love the art, though!  My Score: C

fc-run6.jpgFinal Crisis Aftermath: Run #6

Now this is how a mini series should run. As the final chapter closes on the hunt for The Martian Manhunter’s killer; the frenetic battle to stop the Human Flame never misses a beat. Both writing and art maintained their high quality all the way up until the final chapter; not only putting a coda to an event that lacked sorely, but also created a brand new villain for the DC Universe. The take down of Mike Miller was perfect for who this character was. A classic case of a loser villain whose desire to be the baddest of all bad asses was his own undoing. My Score: B (this issue); B+ (entire mini series)

X-Babies #1

xbabies1.jpgThough I’ve never been a huge fan of Mojo or any storyline that was connected to that bizarre world, I have to admit that I liked the X-Babies from the very beginning. They were cute, they were funny, and they were enjoyable. The newest mini series brought to you by Gregg Schigiel, Jacob Chabot, and Emily Warren on colors has one and a half of those points going for them. The first issue was cute and almost enjoyable. Art was good, really loved the coloring of Warren, but Schigiel doesn’t seem to bring the same funny that made the original stories of this little band of diaper wearing mutants, as enjoyable as it could be. Though it is the first issue, so that might improve. I’ll pick up the next issue, I guess. My Score: C

batmanannual27.jpgBatman Annual #27

Thank you Mr. Nicieza for bringing us the first part of a story that is steeped in mystery, linear, and engrossing. I’ve forgotten how good this guy is, but at a time when all the Bat-Titles seem to be in flux; working, for the most part, too hard to impress us, Fabian and crew come along to show us that a Batman story isn’t about the big circus events. It’s about the man in a mask who wants to make sure justice is served for everyone. I can’t wait to read the second part of this story, and if it’s as good as the first, I may be picking up my first issue of an Azrael comic – ever! My Score: B+

Strange Adventures #8strangeadventure8.jpg

This mini series, like the two that preceded it, are something of an enigma to me. After all this time spent reading about the adventures of Adam Strange, Captain Comet, The Weird, and all the others, you’d think I could say I’ve really enjoyed the stories... but I can’t. I do like Jim Starlin’s writing and the art has been great. Synnar is a cool villain that I really enjoy and I’m intrigued by the continuing plot of the Aberrant Six; but the end of every one of these minis feels the same to me – anti-climatic. Three volumes and the over reaching arc still seems like it’s trying to reach for a conclusion; or at the very least, the next level. Still, if somebody asked me if it would be worth buying, I couldn’t say no. It has an old time feel to it that I enjoy. My Score: B-


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