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Venture Brothers 4.01: Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel

Written by Zechs on Monday, October 19 2009 and posted in Reviews

Nazis, Cloning, Revenge, Double Crosses, Triple Crosses, LARPers, Bigfoot, Some Familar Faces, a Hound from Hell, and Marvel Comics #1 all are nothing compared to the new direction for the Venture Brothers in Season Four Premiere.

The Venture Brothers is on Cartoon Network in the US and airs Sunday at 11:00 pm/12:00 am (Central/Eastern time).

Can it be just a year since the utterly perfect Season Three finale? It feels so much longer. Well, we're here right back where we left off, with holy hell being unleashed via a bomb in the Monarch's car and 24 finally not able to escape death after so many close calls throughout the series. Given, Brock Sampson was close to the blast we pick up via his perspective of the carnage before we're treated to a flash forward and then after the new intro, right back to events after the blast. {nomultithumb} venture1.jpg

Yeah, they're going for the whole flashfoward, flashback thing here for this episode. There will be doubts to confusion from viewers of watching this episode, but hell after watching it one time I understood the chronological order of events. So if I can understand it, then anyone can. The primary bit of focus is once again upon Brock, who spends most of the episode again on the run. During his journey we get a bit of information on what will lead to story bits for later on in the season (oh yes, like Spectacular Spider-Man I am so not spoiling the good parts. WATCH THE DAMN EPISODE YOURSELF!) in addition, some for this very episode (the Nazis who visited the Doctor he misses after they're done with him).

The other half is of the House of Venture dealing with some Nazis who've come to Dr. Venture demanding he clone Hitler for them. Add in Dean and Hank's dealing with Brock leaving and Henchman 21's dealing with 24's death and it all results in what this episode is about. All and all it's business at usual at the Venture Compound save for now with the boys without any clones we get some design tweaks to Hank, whose new design I have to say just rules. Dean well it appears he grow's more latched onto things such as the dog from hell.

As always Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick deliver the comedy and writing goods. Honestly, is it any wonder this damn show is the greatest Adult Swim has to offer? All the jokes in the episode just so awesomely deliver. As does the writing it’s so sharp, it’s lethal. You watch episodes again and again, you'll laugh at lines you didn't get or gags you didn't see realize before. The jokes you can understand will leave any geek rolling in they're seat.


Still, there are questions one has to ask. For example, how the hell did Brock get the knife that Dr. Orpheus revealed was the only way to kill Hitler? Not to mention the utterly shocking revelation that come's with this episode that no doubt will be the main storyline for throughout this season. Its elements such as this that just make The Venture Brothers just so darn awesome. No show currently on Adult Swim can match its wit, humor, and love for cheesy shows of the 60s as this one has. Perhaps the tagline to this season is truly right. Perhaps the Venture Brothers Season 4 will be up there with the great four's of our history because it sure as hell opened with one volley of a bang. NOW BRING US THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF THE MONARCH OR YOU HAMMER AND PUBLICK SHALL FACE A FATE OF ONE THOUSAND GRISLY HORRIFYING DEATHS! Starting with watching Batman & Robin. But only after SuperginraiX has first dibs on that.



4.5 out of 5



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