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Venture Brothers 4.02: Handsome Ransom

Written by Zechs on Monday, October 26 2009 and posted in Reviews



Therefore, in our first Brock Sampson-free episodes we have like the title above the return of the arch nemesis of Doctor Venture. As always, he's gotten the better of the good Doctor and has taken Dean and Hank hostage. Though unlike previous attempts, this time there's a method to his madness. He's going to force Venture to pay him ten million dollars. However, as always there's a wrench thrown into his grand plan. This time, it's Captain Sunshine (voiced to great parodic effect by Kevin Conroy) an unseen superhero foe of the Monarch, who free's Hank and decides for the young tike to be his new side kick. That's the basic plot of this episode as the usual utterly hilarious mayhem.


I have to admit I honestly didn't miss Brock in this episode. This is sort of an episode that couldn't have happened if he was still employed on the Venture compound. This would attempt would have ended the moment the Monarch began talking to Dr. Venture on the screen. Which is utterly so hilarious watching Sgt. Hatred try and fill a shadow he just can't be. Nobody can be the death-dealing god of action as Mr. Sampson. So to see Hatred just go all over the place and utterly fail is just so refreshingly fun, because now it gives a sense of unpredictability. The same goes for Dr. Venture as well. Now with no clones or Brock, the dude is even more a dick. The scenes with him trying to not pay the boys' ransom and then later weasel his way out of paying it is even hilarious. Also, his takedown of Sunshine's butler would have been my favorite moment in this episode if not for the Monarch sweeping in at the last second with his monologue to Sunshine.

Again, this episode was the Monarch and Hank's spotlight. For the said butterfly inspired supervillain, this episode was just ten shades of cool. Every scene involving him was memorable and made me realize how much I missed such an entertaining character such as him. Again, the scene he has at the end with Capt. Sunshine and later a taxi driver (don't ask just watch the darn episode) has to be both in my top five fav Monarch moments. They where just so darn good I couldn't help but rewind, rewatch them, and keep chuckling at it.


Then there's Hank, the episode's true focus. Again, he's still suffering from the lack of Brock in his life and he latches onto the first dude who almost reminds him of Brock, Capt Sunshine. Of course, the good Captain is by any means up there with Mr. Sampson as we so quickly learn and Hank gets a little morale for his worth. Though our dear Hank does truly seem to be maturing just a tad bit, as we are given a scene of him fighting the Monarch's lackeys and he actually does some nice butt kicking. It's something we never would have actually seen if not for all his safety blankets being removed. Honestly, I never truly was a fan of Hank until these past couple of episodes. He's so maturing more and more than Dean who appears the reverse stuck in that mold, alas it seems. I cannot wait to see where Hank goes this season further and I so damn hope he keeps his current design that might have ended with this episode. I really hope not.

There's also the little things in this episode that where great too. From the first crack, we see on Sgt. Hatred's brainwashing to Billy Quizboy and Pete White, and 21's rebirth as this kick ass lackey (I love the new hand blade no doubt inspired by Wolverine) yet still having that same style to him only now he stands completely amongst the Monarch's lackeys. Every scene and joke just worked for me.


With so much talk of the usual suspects, I have to give a shout out to Kevin Conroy as Capt. Sunshine. In an obvious Birdman, Superman, and Batman homage the character is just so perfectly bastardized in Venture Brothers' style. I won't spoil you what Capt. Sunshine's unique qualities are but if you're on the mindset of seeing Kevin Conroy parody everything he's done voicing Batman in the DC Animated Universe then you're just in for a real treat. I really hope this isn't the last time we see this character, because he brought so much fun to this episode and honestly, now that we know there are so many more superheroes out there. I almost am wishing to see Publick and Hammer parody a mega event like Secret Wars or Crisis on Infinite Earths with these characters. I can only imagine the chaos that would happen in the hands of the Venture Brothers creators/writers.

If there was anything, wrong with the episode it's how Doctor Mrs. Monarch is in this episode. The world demands more of her damnit! She was only utltilized in getting the plot going in every scene of her's in this episode. Other than that, this episode just continues of fantastic episodes that started back in the season three finale. I know some might like this episode as much as I did or hate it for the lack of action. But honestly, I loved the way this direction is going. This sort of episode just couldn't have been told if Brock was around again. Which it'll make all the more memorable.


5 out of 5






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