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Football U (iPhone/iPod Touch) Review

Written by GLX on Tuesday, October 27 2009 and posted in Reviews
GLX reviews Football U for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Publisher/Developer: Longtail Studios

I've always enjoyed a fun football game. From Madden to NFL Blitz, they've had a soft spot in my heart. Enter Football U, which I found for free. I was kind of intrigued by it and downloaded it. The game ended up being nowhere close to that soft spot in my heart.


Football U tells the story of all star quarterback Brock Colehammer. After winning a bowl game, Brock learns that his mother's house was destroyed by Hurricane Jane and that her insurance won't cover the damage. Looking for a way to get a home, Brock joins North Montana Urology College(Seriously) and gets the house through the college. Through the course of 8 weeks, Brock will deal with pranksters, a teammate/walking advertisement and a guy who is trying to blackmail him.

The writing is weak and juvenile. It's filled with crude humor and tries to hard to score a laugh. The plot is stupid and is in no way entertaining. Just a sad excuse of a story.


In the game, the focus is on being Brock. Each game features scenarios and some side objectives. There are 4 passing plays to use, though they often change between weeks. When the receivers are out, you tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch to find a receiver. Each receiver will have a circle with varying colors(which signify if they're a good target or not). Touching a circle will select the receiver. Hesitating to pick a receiver for too long will result in a sack. Finding a receiver is just one of 3 factors in completing a pass.

A mini-game will show up that will have you moving arrows around by pulling, pushing, dragging and touching. The more tasks completed within the set clock will factor into the strength of the pass. The final determining factor for pass accuracy is the release. Simply mimic the arrow on screen to put the finishing touch to the play. After that, an in-game cut scene will show the results of your work.

I understand that the game is tailored for casual gamers, but this a bit shallow for my tastes. There's no depth to the gameplay at all. It would've been nice to move the receivers via screen swipes or at least feature some running plays. Even though the game has a tight structure, it would've been nice to have strong gameplay(on the player's part) to affect the storyline. Despite have a letter grade for each week, there are no rewards(or lack thereof) based on performance. Even after beating the game, there is nothing special to receive. The length of the game is short and it shouldn't be hard to complete.


All of the cut scene stills look decent. Though the graphics are in 3D, there is nothing special about them.


Decent fare. Nothing outstanding.


Skip it. Nothing rewarding about this sucker.

4* out of 10*

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