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Brigade's First Issue

Written by Cat-Scratch on Sunday, November 01 2009 and posted in Reviews
1catsratchlogo.jpg This time about, Cat-Scratch reviews Image Comics' Brigade volume 1 issue 1. brigade1.gif

Brigade issue #1.
Published by Image Comics in 1992.
Co-Plotted by Rob Liefeld
Co-Plotted And Drawn by Marat Mychaels
Script Written by Rob Liefeld, Hank Kanalz & Eric Stephenson
Inks by Paul Scott & Norm Rapmund

The Story :


The story opens with an introduction and short description of each of the members of Brigade, while
also explaining that they're an independent group from Youngblood. Battlestone is described as the leader and former leader of Youngblood, his hopes that this team will be a better one then Youngblood had been. This one would not be tied up in the red tape of government as he described it. Seahawk and Coldsnap are the rich brothers who finance the team. Atlas, Thermal, Kayo and Stasis round out the membership. A TV news report explain that an office tower has been seized and is being threatened to be blown up, Youngblood is unavailable. Brigade gears up and heads out. The team arrives and begins it's assault on the group threatening the tower. The terrorists are quickly dealt with, with lethal force by several of Brigades members. Battlestone is not pleased, it seems too simple and there appears to be no bomb. They spread out looking for more terrorists and the bomb. Battlestone finds one on his own and a fight breaks out. The terrorist explains that he is in fact the bomb and detonates mere meters from battlestone. The tower is destroyed, but the rest of Brigade has removed the hostages to the safety of outside the building prior. They wonder if Battlestone is dead, but he rises from the rumble intact and unharmed. In the final panels we learn who the culprit is behind the attack, a blue skinned man calling himself Genocide.

The Review :

This one was a mixed bad then and still is now for me. The premise of an independent hero team from
Youngblood was a good idea and the character, while flat and typical, were OK. But the story...I had hopes for this series, as Image was the new WOW comics company. Sadly...

The story was bland and poorly paced. This was truly just a simple plot taken little further the to just
give an introduction to the readers to the team. It was a spartan meal for a story, but, typical of the
Image style of that time. So I could sort of forgive it then as I hoped things could pick up with it.
In many ways, it was like a 12 year old's attempt at a comic, cliched and limited.

The art was like Rob Liefeld lite. Enjoyable but lacking a good deal. The energy of Rob's work wasn't there. The colouring was more of the four colour neon that had come from so many comics. I've seen worse and I mean stuff that made my eyes ache, but this wasn't there. A little more work on definition would help. That and less trying to look like Rob's stuff.

This was a disappointment in the end. It was a lackluster start to what could have been a fun comic for the corner of the Image Comics verse that Rob Liefeld did. A good concept with what appeared could have been good or at least half descent characters, but things just never jelled for me. It's funny, I liked it but I didn't as well. I suppose it's just wanting to be there and be able to enjoy a new team book of super-heroes, but... oh well, they were called Image Comics and with this title, showed that it was style over substance with them. I don't recommend this one unless it's for curiosity or just wanting to have a complete set of Image Comics.

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