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Venture Brothers 4.03: Perchance to Dean

Written by Zechs on Monday, November 02 2009 and posted in Reviews

Dr. Venture finally brings Dean in on the family business. Meanwhile, a rejected clone of Dean's tries taking his superior clone's place. Plus um.. that douche Dermott aka Hank's friend returns.


So it's finally come. It was only a matter of time before Poppa Venture would try to teach one of his kids how to be a scientist. Not surprisingly given the current course, all his focus is upon Dean. Hank on the other hand, still is having his rebellious streak continue increasingly thanks to Doc Venture grounding him. And I haven't even gotten to the freaky rejected clone of Dean's who was flushed away before the clone massacre that wiped mostly of them out. Then there's Dermott's return. Ugh...

It was only a matter of time before a road bump occurred. After some really great episodes, we hit the first lukewarm episode. The problem lies with this one being there is just excessively much plot going on in the episode. It's all over the place. We have a Dean and his father subplot, a Hank one with his friend Dermott, Reject Dean clone, and even this random delivery person who'll will never see again get his own one. Heck there's even a subplot within a subplot, with Sgt. Hatred employing explosive dummies being put around the entire Venture compound while the Dean/Doc one happens.


Those two particular subplots are about the only ones worthwhile. It's interesting to finally see Dean try to mature and yet in the end, fate just totally giving him a very different experience. I couldn't believe in an episode I was thinking of a so much better subplot with Dean possibly encountering a future Doctor Venture or somebody who tries to stop him from becoming Doctor Doom. I mean come on his father's a scientist and one of the tenants on the compound is a dude who is master of the mystic arts. If that's not recipe for a Doom-like origin I don't know what is. Not to mention a hundred times more awesome then what we got in this episode, which has zero finality to the Dean subplot. I hope there is, but I doubt it. The scenes with Doctor Venture trying with his musical collection were a nice touch.

Again, the delivery dude angle in the episode is one of those things that could only happen if Brock wasn't around. If he was, well there be additional graves being buried that are for sure. Plus the flashback scene with him at the beginning was all kinds of awesome. I think this was my first episode I really did miss him. I remember people on the Outhouse saying how much it missed him and how it just wasn't for them. For me, this is what happened in episode. I really am missing Brock now and really hope they have an episode spotlighting whatever he's doing.

The subplot with the delivery person was somewhat amusing for a split second when they where going for The Shinning spoof, but when it transformed into what it did. I just didn't chuckle at all. I mean sure it's predictable joke making people outside think the Venture Compound is run by a bunch of nuts, not to mention make the Hank subplot go in the direction it went.

perchance2.jpgAnd that for me was what brought the entire episode down for me, the Hank part of it. Why? It had Dermott, Hank's best friend from last season returning. He's just so damn annoying and utterly repulsive every scene with him is beyond comedic. Even worse, there's no highlight of somebody punching the hell out of this kid or him being stuck in a jail cell. I could go on and on how much I loathe this character, but I won't. Just that any episode where nothing happens to Dermott is a bad episode.

Then there's the Reject Dean clone. Honestly, again, it was interesting at first but after the eventuality of where that plot was going was so damn, predictable is just felt utterly pointless. The completely obsessive part of him being the inferior clone and seeing his father just bored me to death. The only good thing I enjoyed was his ending, which had a more satisfactory conclusion than the Hank/Dermott plot. If only we could have that, but I doubt Publick and Hammer would go there.

This episode really disappointed me after the amounts of awesome we've had in the past two episodes. With no Monarch, Orpheus, and of course Brock the episode just lagged to hell. I mean sure they're getting some plots that they couldn't have had last week which was entirely awesome, but this episode was the complete reverse of that. There was nothing entertaining at all and it just leads me to one hope. When's Brock coming back or can the Monarch come out to play? Heck I'll take a Baron Von Underbelt or whatever the heck that Doom-homage guy was. Anything, to wipe the taste of suck this episode had.

1.5 out of 5



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