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Cleaning the Plate for 11/4/09

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, November 09 2009 and posted in Reviews
Not an amazing week by any stretch, more disappointments then not.


Astonishing X-Men #36astonishingxmen32.jpg

Phil Jimenez’s art work on this title is amazing. The cover is beautiful; hearkening back to the older days of Marvel but keeping it in the now. I wish Phil could single handily save this book from the mediocre drudgery that it has become. I expect much better from Warren Ellis, and though this arc seems a little more interesting than his abysmal first arc, it still fails on so many levels. Not only does it not feel new in any way; the fact that it’s so far away from what is happening in the X-Universe on a whole, takes me out of the moment. I don’t expect any book to bash us over the head with constant continuity of other parts of the Marvel Universe, but when Emma Frost is still in human form while everywhere else she is stuck in diamond form; I have to wonder if this story takes place before or after everything that is happening elsewhere. If it’s before then who cares – everything is obviously going to be alright. If it’s after, then I’ve got some major issues on a whole different level. Still, it’s cool to see the Brood back. Love those guys. And to his credit, Warren’s writing of Logan isn’t too bad. My Score: D+

Captain America Reborn #4captainamericareborn4.jpg

Come on Mr. Brubaker! You are SO much better than this. I’m not saying there haven’t been some interesting moments, and the final panel was cool, if not seen before; still, I’m getting the feeling that we could have squeezed this into three issues and saved everyone a lot of money. Pluses to this issue: Dr. Doom. Awesome to see him doing something really bad ass and teaming up with Red Skull was fun to watch. It’s also nice to see Sharon not being a victim for a change. Minuses: It has felt long, drawn out, and not at all the triumphant return that an icon like Captain America deserves. I’m a huge Brubaker fan, but unless the final issue is so hugely amazing that I can’t stop talking about it; I have a feeling Cap’s return is going to be the largest letdown since “No More Mutants”. My Score: C-

Psylocke #1psylocke1.jpg

These are the type of books that I agreed to read for The Outhouse when I decided to become a reviewer. The mini-series that may get lost in the hype of the bigger books; or in reverse, to warn people that it may not be worth their money. First issues can sometimes make or break a series, and not being a huge fan of Psylocke, I can’t say I was overly impressed. However, it was strongly written by Chris Yost, the art by Harvey Tolibao is more than up to the writing prowess of Mr. Yost, and several key moments will have me coming back for issue two. Perhaps if I was a bigger fan of Psylocke I’d be more enthralled, then. So to be fair: My Score B-

newkrypton9.jpgSuperman: World of New Krypton #9

Part 14 of “World Against Superman” opens with yet another alien race threatening the people of New Krypton. Obligatory fight scene ensues followed by a possible misunderstanding, some discussion of old Krypton versus New Krypton, followed by yet another moral discussion between Kal-El and Zod and then is wrapped up with another murdered Kryptonian and Adam Strange holding the smoking gun. Robinson, Rucka... love you guys. Really, really do. But it’s getting old... move forward please. My Score: C+

Herogasm #6herogasm6.jpg

Garth Ennis is arguably one of the most polarizing writers in comics today. You either get him, or you don’t. I collect The Boys in trade, but picked up this mini-series anyway. I’m glad I did. His take on the heroes of this world is always fun and refreshing. His commentary on politicians sit nicely with me and of course I consider Hughie to be one of my favorite characters of all time. So if you didn’t read this, but do read The Boys, you missed a great mini-series. If you don’t read The Boys, check out this mini, you might just realize that you’ve been missing something fun. Garth Ennis I get. My Score: B+


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