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Skeleton Key vol. 1 #1

Written by Cat-Scratch on Monday, November 09 2009 and posted in Reviews
1catsratchlogo.jpg This time about, it's Skeleton Key's first issue from Amaze Ink.

skeleton_key0001r.gifSkeleton Key issue volume #1.
Published by Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics) in 1995.
Story Written and Drawn by Andi Watson

The Story :
"Bones Of Contention"

In the snow reaches of Canada exists a town named for a fat, fuzzy orange cat.
Our main character, Tamsin, is a melancholy little goth type teen stuck in the
town that her, almost hippy, parents came to live in years earlier. Halloween
being her favorite day of the year, she's chosen to skip school to go exploring
into the maze like town for some Halloween gear. She gets a little lost but finds
For herself, a strange little shop filled with costumes and what not. There, she
quickly finds a costume of a skeleton and decides it's perfect for her wants for
celebrations as well as for maybe trick or treating. She's returns home and
begins to suit up in the costume. As she lays back she finds a strange key
covered in markings. It seemed to have been located in a hidden pocket. She
chooses to try to return it to the shop while heading out for her fun. Once there,
she finds the shop is closed and without a mail slot. So, she decides to see if
the key fits the lock, so as to return it. Strangeness occurs as reality swirls
around her. She soon finds herself confused and ill.

The Review :

This was an interesting little alternative comic at the time and still is an
entertaining one today for me as it was originally.

The story was simple and nothing more then an introduction of the main character
and her probable nemesis. (I left those few simple scenes introducing her as they
did little to impact the lite plot of the issue.) The font is interesting and a
bit hard to discern at times, yet fun and different while suiting the story. I mention
this as it did help with the atmosphere of the story, I think.

The art was rough with heavy ink work and rough lay outs. Not at all bad and
rather enjoyable for a change compared to mainstream comics. They convey the
character of Tamsin rather well, I think and the dreariness of her home town too.
Interesting style in all and fits this type of story.

All together, I'd have to say this was a fun little start to an alternate series.
For those tired with the mainstream and wanting something different. It was a
diamond in the rough, in my opinion. It's rough and simple, but it's a pleasant little
story as a whole. It did keep me interested enough to follow through as far as I could.
(Independents like this can be difficult to get a hold of on a regular basis and I think
I was the only getting it at that LCS.) As a stand alone issue, it was bland and limited.
But as a prologue, which it was to the series' story, it was rather nice and pleasant.

For more information on this comics series and it's creator -

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