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11/11/09 -- Chappy's Blue Plate Special -- le spoils!!

Written by chap22 on Wednesday, November 11 2009 and posted in Reviews
Back again with more Blue Plate goodness! Let the (all-DC this week) smorgasbord commence!



boostergold26.jpgBooster Gold #26
I've really enjoyed Jurgens's run on this book, but something's felt missing ever since Johns & Katz left, and I finally figured out that it's because Dan has greatly decreased the supporting cast. Michelle left just to not be mentioned for roughly 6 or 7 issues, and Daniel and Rose had been AWOL for even longer. Dan updates us on these folks this issue, and that was more welcome to me than all the stuff with BL Ted.

Speaking of, we get some recaps of Booster and Ted's origins, their friendship, Ted's death, and see his "resurrection". Skeets and Rip can't find Booster (who's "hiding" in the past visiting Ted's memorial service, which was easily IMO the strongest scene in the issue, just so long as you don't try to match it up in any sort of timeline with the events of Countdown to IC, the lead-in minis, and IC itself), Skeets starts acting very suspicious of Rip (hints obviously being laid that Skeets believes he has something to do with the Black Beetle, another interesting potential plot point), Skeets recruits Jaime to look for Booster, and BL Ted attacks Daniel and Rose just as Skeets and Jaime get there looking for hints as to Booster's whereabouts.

The usual solid art mixed with some nice character scenes, fun BN zombie action, and the return of some absent subplots/supporting characters made for a fun issue; I really liked it.


GL Corps #42glc42.jpg
Oh my. The intrawebz message boards may well blow up as half a fanbase goes into full Red Lantern mode. For those of you who don't want to be too spoiled, I will merely say this: there's a lot of action on Oa, things look bad for the GLs and their Corps itself as the BLs reach 100% and create a dark matter creature to rip out and destroy the central battery, until a certain GL takes charge, flies headlong into the face of danger, and makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Oa and the Corps.

Gleason's art as usual shines, Tomasi's character work does the same (I've decided he writes by far my favorite Guy Gardner outside of guys named Giffen & DeMatteis), and this book continues to rock along. I'm not entirely sure the big cliffhanger ending sticks (in fact, I'm about 99.9% sure it WON'T), but regardless it's a helluva moment in a
helluva book; I LOVED it.


JSA vs. Kobra #6jsavskobra6.jpg
Not enough of you have read this, and for that you should be ashamed. Trautman wrote here the best JSA arc since at least Out of Time, and maybe even since Black Reign. Here we wrap up the big grand design of the new Kobra, as he clears the slate to start his organization anew with new methods for a new age. This mini did a fantastic job of re-invigorating DC' greatest terrorist threat, getting him away from cheesy half-baked plots and showing just how dangerous a really smart, really prepared, really committed fanatical lunatic can be, even in a world populated by superheroes. Be warned, while the JSA wins some skirmishes and does some good, they don't really win here. The whole series is more of a villain's tale, and it's a scary tale indeed. At the end, Kobra plays a masterful game of chess, sacrificing pawns to win the board, and leaving his opponent (here primarily Mr. Terrific, as their alternating narration was a nice touch throughout the mini) to go back to reflect on exactly how he should be playing the game in the future.

In the end, DC has both crafted an enjoyable story AND revived a better, more dangerous villain going forward. Win-win all around. I LOVED it.


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