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Venture Brothers 4.05: The Revenge Society

Written by Zechs on Monday, November 16 2009 and posted in Reviews

After a minor cameo and a flashback appearance in Season 3, the Phantom Limb finally returns in full force, reborn as the supervillain called Revenge. Oh, and the Guilt of Calamitous Intent has to deal with it. Plus the Ventures. Not Monarch, he's spared from this plot surprisingly.  


You know this episode took me fully by surprise. Ever since Season 3's Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny brief tease of the Phantom Limb, I always wondered what happened to the fallen super villain. Well wait no longer, as he fully returns her with a pickup of a subplot from Season 3 to boot, ORB. Obviously, he's here for revenge against the Guild: the how (see previous sentence), the why (revenge duh), and the who (in helping him achieve this goal) all take's place is in this episode. Oh, and David Bowie is back in this episode too. Goddamn, it's about time.


This episode just goes to show you why I love the creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer. They're literal continuity whores. We get three plot points from Season 2 and 3 plus we get to see what went on in the flashback during ORB. This just has to make me wonder even more of what they've got to show us later this season and make me want to rewatch seasons 1-3 again just to pick up anything else that could have been overlooked given how much the past rules this present season. 

Alas, there is one single bad in this episode, Sgt. Hatred. Though what do I expect? The dude has hatred tattooed straight down his chest. How am I not supposed to hate the dude? Sure, he gives glimmers of hope of possible Brock Sampsonness, but he always bombs in the end. Ok, please dear God can we have another Brock Sampson centric episode Publick and Hammer? Please. Just five minutes of mass murder by him. Something. I miss it so much. Can't we see Hatred do something like that? The only thing that saved the Hatred stuff was his stuff with Hank.

Though back to the good. I'm quite shocked at Phantom Limb.. er Revenge's fate here. Of all the ways possible, I could have seen him return this was so not. As his two-headed minion stated, "The man is a fruit loop!" Ironic it truly is to see a man so well mannered of super villainy descend to where the Monarch was during the start to middle of Season 2. I hope this is the true end to the character, because it's so perfect an end to the character. Though maybe a cameo or something, to tease the viewers with. Regardless, the episode was a nice sendoff to this character.

1258352266524.jpgAs with the stuff with Hank with Hatred, I'm really enjoying the stuff with Dean and Doctor Venture. We've never seen the good Doc act like a father, but slowly though surely this season the bonding he's had with Dean has truly been magical. Sure Dean hasn't much changed fully but to see old Rusty really acting like a father to his kid, awesome. More awesome to the fact that Dean is so becoming the most powerful person in the series. Seriously, the dude has Doctor Doom written all over him. All he needs is an accursive Richards foe and bam. Oh and a massive scarring and ego trip plus a ton of family tragedy.

Though not a perfect episode by any means, the episode still gets the job done. It's one coherent plot, and answers some lingering questions from season's past. Plus we get to see more of the inner workings of the Guilt of Calamitous Intent, which is always great. Still, with even the answers we get, a real good question now arises from this that I cannot wait to see revealed. All and all a good episode, with me not even mentioning how utterly hysterical Billy Quizboy was in this episode. Oh plus David Bowie too, and anything with David Bowie rules thus increasing the points of an episode. Now, if only I can get over hating Sgt. Hatred.

4.8 out of 5



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