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Cleaning the Plate for 11/25/09

Written by Brian Burchette on Monday, November 30 2009 and posted in Reviews
Barely any middle of the roads this week. Only huge hits or misses.


Justice League: Cry for Justice #5jla-justice5.jpg

I haven’t had a mini-series that has made me question my own beliefs in a writer, in a long time. There’s so much I really want to like about this story, but for some reason it just feels like I’m not enjoying it as much as I could be. There is an argument to be made that a lot happened in this issue, and I suppose that’s true, but if you look at the first five issues as a whole; there really hasn’t been that much to shout out about. Sure it was pretty shocking to see Roy join the Risk Fan Club, and Robinson still has the ability to make those Golden Age heroes his own – including The Shade, but so far it’s taken five issues out of seven to identify Prometheus as the main antagonist. Add to the fact that Hal, Ollie and Ray split from the team in issue one, only to come back four issues later, just seems like there’s a lot of wheel spinning here. Perhaps it’s because at the time that James Robinson had written the outline for the original series, he hadn’t accepted the position as writer for the Justice League series. Whatever happened, it really feels like this story has had to change to fit into the grand scheme of things; causing it to lack true purpose or direction. For instance, the beautiful cover shows Captain Marvel and Supergirl making out but that sure doesn’t happen in the book. Speaking of art, Cascioli’s rendition of these heroes is beautiful and the real saving grace here. I hope when James is able to finally settle down as the new man in charge of the League, things will settle down and perhaps become a bit more enjoyable. As of now, I’m not seeing a lot of justice being done. My Score: C

blackestnight5.jpgBlackest Night #5

All hail the power of Nekron! Now this event just keeps on rolling along at a brisk pace, with surprises galore. I love the way Geoff Johns is, at its core, making this title one of the best “Brave and the Bold” stories ever told. It’s obvious that John’s two favorite characters are front and center for this even and it makes sense since both have risen from the dead as well. The turning point when all those that have come back from the dead are once again turned by Nekron was something I didn’t expect, and a wonderful twist. So far this story is leaps and bounds better than the last two Crises’ put together. My Score: A-

Ultimate Comics Avengers #4ultimateavengers4.jpg

Usually the books I read first are the ones that I am going to review, then when it comes time for me to sit down and give the three of you my thoughts, I go back and reread, just to remind myself on some of the finer points of what I liked or disliked about a book. When I picked this one up the second time around I realized that I actually had forgotten absolutely everything that had happened. After rereading it, I realized why – I disliked it to the point of trying to erase it from my memory. The reason I kept reading this title was to see if I was being unfair to a couple Outhouse members when it comes to both the Ultimate line and Millar. The first issue actually came out of the gate kind of strong, but since then this series just seems to keep getting more and more boring. Even the unpredictability of it is dull. Pacheco’s art is beautiful and once again makes me wonder why comic companies tend to put strong artists with such weak story tellers... or vise versa. My Score: D-

wonderwoman38.jpgWonder Woman #38

Now here’s a book that has the entire package. Gail Simone’s run on this series has been exemplary right up there with Rucka and Perez in my opinion. This arc is even stronger than the last one as Diana faces Alkyone who has manipulated the hell out of everyone on Paradise Island. And in only two or three pages, Gail also writes a better Donna Troy than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. The cliffhanger with the reveal of The Cottus has me chomping on the bit. DC may be all about Darkest Night right now, but the two strongest books they have out are this one and Secret Six. My Score: A


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