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Daring D on Avatar: A Review

Written by D.D.R Glass on Friday, December 18 2009 and posted in Reviews
Daring D reviews James Cameron's technological opus: Avatar.



In 1997 James Cameron made Titanic which went on to win 11 Academy Awards and make 1.8 Billion Dollars. Avatar in many ways in the Sci-fi version of that film. Unlike Titanic which I can’t watch without falling asleep, Avatar had me on the edge of my seat. I personally thing Cameron works better with action and Sci-fi films. T2 is without a doubt the best Action film of all time and it makes a great sci-fi. Avatar mixes a lot of stuff like T2 did, it has a strong dense story that mixes action, sci-fi, and romance (Yes really)


What Worked:

Piranha 3-D Trailer: Before I talk about what worked in the film I have to mention this cause it might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Piranha was a 1978 film that spoofed Jaws James Cameron directed the sequel (He disowns it) that came out in 1981. I guess they are rebooting the franchise, if you can call it a franchise. But my goodness, it is beyond words of how bad this trailer was. Awful stuff. I think the best moment was when Christopher Lloyd (Yes Doc from Back to the Future) appeared in the trailer. Which the response from a friend of mine was holy s___ Christopher Lloyds still alive! Youtube this if you don’t see the trailer, some epic fail right here. What a waste of film.


The Script: The script is so dense it really allows the mixes of genres to come together. It part of the film it felt like I was watching Titanic, I don’t mean that in a bad way at all but parts of it really felt like it. Then Cameron throws you back into the action. It’s a great balancing act.


The Acting: What’s great about this film is the creatures aren’t just created in the computer they are preformed first. So the actors performance is translated into the computer generated character 100%. It revolutionary. Sam Worthington owned as Jake Sully he really made his character real when he was Jake Sully and when he was Avatar Jake Sully. Cameron really knows how to get the best out of actors even if his methods aren’t the best.


Visual Effects: The effects in the film are mind blowing, you have to see this in 3-D otherwise you aren’t seeing it the way you’re meant to. It makes you forget you are seeing visual effects. Unbelievable achievement.


Editing: This is some of the best editing I’ve ever seen.  If it doesn’t win the Academy Award for Editing (and Visual Effects) I’ll be flabbergasted, the 3 editors (Including Cameron) really did a bang up job here.


Action: Action is all through out the film but the last 30 minutes blew me away. Amazing action, It is truly something that must be seen to be believed.


Sound: The sound is fantastic, everything was made to sound like it really existed, another Academy Award for this film.


What was so-so:

The running time: It 161 minutes it felt longer, maybe it was because I went to the midnight and was on 6 hours of sleep. But the film just felt long it didn’t drag by any means but, you get the point.



This was a brilliant film, a real achievement; James Cameron really delivered on what he promised. If you want an original thrill a minute film this is for you great stuff here.  99/100 A+


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