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DeadLord's Weekly Comic Reviews #1

Written by Starlord and Deadfett on Wednesday, December 23 2009 and posted in Reviews
In the first edition of DeadLord's Weekly Comic Reviews, Deadfett and Starlord take a look at Captain America Reborn #5, Astonishing X-Men #33 and Cable #21! Hello all. Welcome to DeadLord's Weekly Comic Reviews, a new feature here at the Outhouse, where myself, DeadFett, and Starlord will review three books. Our inaugural edition brings us Captain America Reborn #5, Astonishing X-Men #33 and Cable #21. So let's get started with Captain America Reborn #5.

DeadFett: Well, overall, I thought this issue was the best of the series so far. I loved the scenes with Steve inside Nazi America, which of course, shows Steve is trapped inside his own subconscious with the Red Skull. We have a team of heroes led by Bucky rushing to save Steve and Sharon. The Skull reveals he plans to tell the President the real Cap has returned. It's a bit predictable but it works. The page with all the M.O.D.O.K.s was awesome and one of my favorite scenes from the book. The issue ends with Bucky fighting the Red Skull in D.C. The Skull takes the shield and is ready to finish off Bucky as the issue ends.

Normally, I don't like two different artists working on the same issue but Hitch and Guice work well together. Their styles are similar enough that it wasn't jarring when they switch off. I thought the panel layout in the opening sequence was great.

This mini started off slowly but has been much better with the last two issues. I'm just ready for it to be over though. I don't understand why this couldn't have just been part of the regular Cap series either. Still, a good issue that has me interested to see how it ends, despite several other books showing Steve back. I give it a thumbs up. What did you think of the issue Starlord?

Starlord: I agree that this is probably the strongest issue of the series at this point. I'm not as over whelmed by it as others are, and I totally agree with you that this would have been better off in the Captain America book.

It is really cool to see how Brubaker is pulling this together, though,. Also feel as though this could have been done in less issues than it was; of course then it probably wouldn't be an event, now would it?

The art was practically seamless, I thought. In fact it wasn't until the second time that I read it that I realized there were two different artsits on the issue.

All in all, I"d give this a thumbs up as well, Deadfett; but it's not a real strong thumb.

Starlord: In our second book of the week we take a look at Cable #21 and the continuing chase between Bishop and Cable and his young ward - Jean, errr, Hope. The duo are in stasis as the ship they are in heads back to Earth. Bishop is in hot pursuit, having made a deal with the Brood Queen to help him in his mission to kill Hope before she become the final destruction for all mutant kind.

Bishop once again catches up with them and Cable does his best to put their pursuer into a psychic sleep; unfortunatley it disrupts the ship and they crash land back on Earth, but not the Earth of their time. Bishop hunts them down, takes out Cable, and shoots at Hope, point blank. It is at that moment that her mutant abilities manifest themselves for the first time. The bullet is stopped just inches from her forhead (nice piece of telekenisis there). Bishop realizes he's too late. Jean... sorry... Hope, takes him down hard and is about to strike the killing blow when Cable stops her. They once again escape with Bishop right behind them.

Although I'm really enjoying this storyline, I have to admit that the chase is starting to get a bit stale for me. There's only so many issues that Bishop can "almost" kill Hope, only to be stopped by somebody or something. The real story here is obviously the aging of Hope and the question that everyone is wondering: Is she mutant kinds savior or destroyer?

Personally, I don't care either way. I'm just waiting for them to finally admit that she's really Jean Grey so I can tell everyone "I told you so". LOL! I'm still giving this book a thumbs up, but I have to admit that I'm looking forward to some forward movement in this storyline - soon.

What do you think, Dead?

DeadFett: All in all, I enjoyed the issue. This series continues to surprise me in how much I enjoy it. All I could think was "finally" when Hope's powers manifested. I've been very curious to see what her powers are going to be. Very interesting that she's telekinetic. Much like a certain red head you mentioned. I like that Emil downloaded himself into the ship's computer. He was a good character who I'm glad was able to stick around a bit more. I also find it funny that Cable and Hope went to New York considering that the X-Men are in San Francisco. However, I do agree with you that the series needs to move from the endless chase by Bishop. Hopefully the series moves forward once the Second Coming storyline wraps up.

The three different artists working on the title was a bit jarring for me. Part of it could be that Humberto Ramos was one of them. I usually like his art, but he has a very distinct style. When thrown in with two other artists the change can be a bit jarring like it was for me.

Overall, I give the issue a thumbs up. It's mostly set-up but it still told a good story.

Next up is Astonishing X-Men #33. Much like Cap Reborn, this arc by Ellis continues to get better as it goes. I love how Ellis has brought The Brood back and even included Krakoa this issue. The inclusion of Agent Brand in this issue, one of the best things from Whedon's run, was a welcome sight. Great concept of using dead X-Men DNA to create Bio-Sentinel sleeper agents. There was some good elements of humor to the issue as well. I'm happy to see Ellis do a much better job with this arc than he did Ghost Boxes.

As for the art, Phil Jimenez continues to be one of my favorite artists. I loved his work when he was a fill-in for Morrison's New X-Men and I loved his DC work. DC should've done everything they could've to hold on to him. The splash page in this issue with teh giant ship was fantastic.

This issue gets a big thumbs up for me. What did you think of this issue Starlord?

I'm afraid on this one we are going to have to agree to disagree. For me, the art is what makes this book; much more than the story. Phil Jimenez is right up there with Ivan Reis and Ethan Van Sciver.

The story, though, feels slightly stale to me. Perhaps part of it is the fact that we seem to have dead mutants all over the place suddenly; which is beginning to feel like the mutant version of Blackest Night. I honestly can't complain about Ellis' take on the characters; each of them seem pitch perfect. One of the major problems I've always had with this book, even with Whedon's run, is that it is so far away from the rest of the continuity in the X-Universe that it drives me nuts.

I've got to give this a reluctant thumbs down, I'm afraid. Love the art (the main reason I'm still buying it) but the plot bores me and many of the elements that are already being used in the Necrosha are more interesting in that story.

Be sure to join us next week when we take a look at three new releases.

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