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Super Information Hijinks : Reality Check issue #1

Written by Cat-Scratch on Monday, December 28 2009 and posted in Reviews
1catsratchlogo.jpg For this week, it's something cute reviewed, it's Super Information Hijinks : Reality Check issue #1 from Sirius Entertainment.

reality_check0002r.gifSuper Information Hijinks : Reality Check issue #1.
Published by Sirius Entertainment in 1996.
Story Written by Rikki Rosearik
Drawn by Tavisha Wolfgarth

The Story :

Collin Meeks Receives a package he's been anxiously waiting for, a TVR game console for his computer. Being an A+ science student, he quickly decides that the one piece of software included, for virtual reality, could do wonders for a school project on alpha waves, when combined with an old enchphilograh left to him by his grandfather. He'll make a study of his family's dreamworlds for comparison. He sets up the TVR
helmet to the machines and using his monitor, sees what's their ideal worlds. Sadly for him, his family is a bit strange and he's left feeling that his experiment is a flop. He chooses to give up and goes to get a snack, leaving the set up ready to go
again. His pet cat, Catreece decides that the helmet might be a good place to hide and maybe take a nap. While doing so, she accidentally knocks Collin's mouse from his desk, it clicks and starts the program. Collin returns to see Catreece under the helmet and a virtual world with what appears to be her, on the monitor! He's amazed! He quickly gets a hold of a second helmet and plugs himself in.


He has a bit of a hard time dealing with Catreece's virtual form, it being so human.
He also realizes whom keeps leaving his tv on with musicals on... Catreece.
Overwhelmed, he returns to reality and remains in deep (scared) thoughts for the rest
of the night. Catreece on the other hand is as happy and carefree as ever.

The Review :

This was a fun, cute little comic back when I first read it and it still is now. A four colour bit of alternative in a super hero filled world.

The story was a good start and set up for the series, with a strong manga feel to it. The characters are quickly introduced and given just about as much fleshing out as you could expect from a comic or from a manga for that matter. It's hard not to like Collin or Catreece as both come off as very charming. Nice dialog that didn't weigh down the story but served it well.

The art was cute and definitely styled to invoke a manga feel. I think it did rather well here as well as show the emotions of the characters. Nice line work and well balanced with the colours, which are bright but still enjoyable. Very pleasant for a manga fan and something different for most others.

I still enjoy it. It's a fun little fluff for a read. Nothing too heavy and nothing too lite. I'm even reminded of certain people I know... Cute is another good way to describe it. If you like manga and the lighter fare, you should like this. With this issue, I was hooked to follow the series as long as I could get a hold of the rest of the issues as they came out. I understand that Tokyopop collected it in two volumes, as it was a short one and believe it still possible to get, so I recommend it. It is available for your iPhone. So unless all you like is angst and violence and anything but cute. This  is for folks who like a sweet little story once and a while. Liking cats is another plus.

For more information on this series -
reprinted it, so you may be able to get a hold of it.

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