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Written by starlord/DeadFett on Wednesday, January 27 2010 and posted in Reviews
Starlord: A new year and a few health issues later and here we are again. I don’t know about you, Mr. Fett but I’m looking forward to another year of major events and small gems. Happy New Year to you my friend and let’s get going with what I think is one of those little “gems” I mentioned.


powergirl8.jpgPower Girl #8, this was part two of the story that put Power Girl in a battle with not only alien creatures, but with the alien Hyper-Man, Vartox of Valeron. An alien stud that has traveled across the universe in hopes to woo Kara into helping him repopulate his people. Does this sound silly? Yes. Is it hilarious? Yes. After defeating the big bad monsters, Kara agrees to a dinner with Vartox on his ship (a giant head). The dinner starts out a bit shaky when Vartox appears in his dinner outfit which is nothing more than a thong with a see through jacket and red and yellow boots. It seems that’s what people wear for dinner on Valeron. After changing for her, Vartox then prepares a dinner that goes up in flames which causes them to take the alien head ship to a pizza joint in Brooklyn. After much drinking and eating, PG finds out that all she has to do to help this alien is touch an orb. It’s because of her Kryptonian DNA that he has chosen her since she can survive the experience. After a little more gold wine, she agrees. The deed is done and Vartox leaves happy and grateful. The final panel is a sneak peak at the next villain Kara must face – Dr. Sivana!

I’m telling you, this is probably my favorite DC comic at the moment. Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner are obviously having fun with this book, and it shows. They never go too far in the humor, balancing it perfectly with action and character work. If anyone wants a book that doesn’t worry about continuity or all the drama and darkness that most other books are full of at the moment, this is it! I’m giving this issue two huge thumbs up!

The question is... what did you think, Deadfett?

Deadfett: One word describes this issue perfectly for me, fun. While I do like grim and gritty, it's always nice to have a book like this. It's why I love Deadpool. I loved how the writers were able to keep the laughs coming without it becoming too silly. My favorite moments were the old Italian woman with agita, which reminded me of my own family, and the evil Badger. I admit I was surprised that in order to help Vartox, all Kara had to do was touch an orb. Great issue that was a lot of fun. It helped, like you said, that it isn't bogged down by continuity. You can jump right in and enjoy - like I did.

Amanda Conner's art works perfectly here. I thought she was great when she penciled Power Girl's arc for JSA Classified 1-4. Her style fits the tone of the book wonderfully.

This issue gets huge thumbs up from me. I liked it so much I'm adding it to my pull list.

darkavengers13.jpgWhich brings us to our next book, Dark Avengers #13. This issue focused on The Sentry. Although I'm not a fan of the character, I thought this was a good issue. Bendis gives us an abridged version of the second Sentry mini while weaving in alternate versions of previous events in Dark Avengers. We learn that Norman has been controlling The Sentry by giving him a drug that allows The Void to become the more dominant personality. I could've done without the religious undertones but they didn't ruin the issue for me. I'm excited to see what becomes of The Sentry during Siege and its aftermath.

I love the art here. Deodato is a great artist who really belongs on one of Marvel's main titles. I love his use of shadows in his work. It adds a creepy vibe to the characters.

I give this issue a thumbs up. Dark Avengers has been getting better with each issue. What did you think of this book Starlord?

Starlord:  Adding PG to your pull list! Wow, I'm glad you liked it that much.

As for Dark Avengers, I did think the art was great as well. I'm probably the wrong person to have read this issue because I'm still not a fan of Sentry in any way. However I will say that the way this looks like it's going, I might be happy with the way Bendis wraps up Bob Reynolds. Still, I can't give this a thumbs up. Seemed like too much rehash to me.

Now, Mr. Fett, since I have seemed to misplace my copy of our last book to review (and will be searching my boys bedrooms for it), would you like to fill our readers in on the latest issue of the flagship mutant book? Please?

uncannyxmen520.jpgDeadfett: Our last book for this week is Uncanny X-Men #520. In this issue we have a team of X-Men, Wolverine, Colossus and Psylocke, who have tracked one of the Predators back to New York. Their search leads them to the sewers where they find that Fantomex has already killed the Predator. Fantomex declines Wolverine's request for his assistance to help track down who sent the Predators. Towards the end of the issue the X-Men finally arrive at the doorstep of those they are looking for, but they're ready to do battle with the X-Men.

The other storyline going through the issue involves Magneto and his attempts to keep Utopia from sinking while gaining Cyclops's trust. Magneto tells Cyclops of a deal he's made with Namor to keep Utopia afloat. During a private conversation, Cyclops tells Magneto that he doesn't trust him. The issue ends with Magneto apparently doing something to make up for the wrong he's done over the years.

As a Magneto fan, I was happy for him to get some time this issue. I also liked the appearance of Fantomex here. But, I have to honest, I just don't think Fraction works on this title. At times his dialogue is silly and just doesn't fit for me. The biggest detraction for this issue though was the art. Greg Land, who at once I thought was a good artist, just continues to get worse. This issue gets a slight thumbs down from me. What did you think my friend?

Starlord: I really enjoyed the Magneto/Cyclops storyline, not so much the Fantomex story. The one thing I love about Magneto is that you never really know what he's thinking. You know what he is saying to people, but the guy is full of conflicting emotions.

I will agree with you that this is not Fraction's strongest outing with this book. I think it takes a special writer to get the mutant world. Brubaker couldn't do it, and Fraction doesn't seem to be really pulling it off either. Both are excellent writers, but just not with this book. I'm going to give this a very weak thumbs down. Great ideas, but really not written so well.

That’s it for last week’s books. A final look at some of our favorites. Let us know if you agree with us or not. DeadLord is never afraid to defend their position.


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